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Harry Potter carnival, but also to start! Sohu – once a year "Harry Potter entertainment Carnival and the Quidditch match" (Harry Potter Festival and Quidditch Tournament) and began a ~ place or in the United States of Philadelphia Chestnut Hill, this is the 21 in October and 22, two days. The carnival will rally around the world of Harry Potter role play and depth of experience of magic in the world, for two days. First, there will be a legend of the "Hogwarts Express", a train carrying their special arrangements for the participants to host activities. ? you will see all dressed up in the magical world of people both young and old are anthropomorphic version of Hedwig (good ~ ~ adorable……) A long-awaited "hat" link and essential magic practice links the whole street will be simulated Harry Potter Hogsmeade (Hogsmeade), can choose the wand to buy butter beer can also see Dumbledore everyone’s investment…… Magic world newspapers!! Finally you can participate in or watch the Quidditch match. Is really a Muggle feast ah…… Really want to go ah!!!                  相关的主题文章: