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Hebei Jinzhou explosion: illegal processing dens were responsible for the control of property were frozen – Beijing, Beijing, September 9 Shijiazhuang Xinhua (reporter Xiao Guangming Wang Tianrui) in Jinzhou city of Hebei Province east town orchard deep illegal processing dens of the explosion, 9 Jinzhou official informed that the latest explosion, in addition to causing 5 people were killed and 1 people injured, 1 people lost contact with the new. At present, illegal processing dens responsible person Zhang Chaoyi, Wang Haitao has been controlled. Informed that after the incident, Jinzhou municipal government leaders and relevant departments of the township, who rushed to the scene, launched the emergency plan, and set up by the party secretary, political commissar of the mayor command and emergency rescue command long, by the municipal leaders led respectively responsible for the wounded treatment, on-site disposal, rehabilitation, will rescue personnel in the first place, has mobilized 155 policemen and firefighters, to carry out on-site rescue; health departments and medical resources, to treat the wounded; the first time to hire 4 dangerous rescue experts to provide technical support, to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters. 8 days after the explosion, Beijing reporters rushed to the accident, several villagers were stopped in the illegal processing dens of the intersection, the road was under martial law. The 9 day at 5:30 in the morning, reporters once again came to the scene, leading to illegal processing dens of the road is still in the blocked state. Illegal processing dens distance of about 2 km, a built in the same orchard fruit cold storage glass shattered. A glass of fruit warehouse away from the explosion site about 2 kilometers all shattered Wang Tianyi photo according to nearby villagers, illegal processing dens explosion has existed for many years, the usual production of dye intermediates. 9 am, reporters in Jinzhou City People’s hospital to see the injured in the explosion of more than lying in the surgical ward. According to the hospital doctors, the injured in the 8 days around noon have been sent to the hospital, mild cases were discharged after observation. Currently, there are some injured in hospital for treatment. According to the staff of Jinzhou Municipal State Taxation Bureau Zhang Chaoyi said, Hebei province is a registered tax system of temporary workers, has 10 years of seniority and receive wages, the original location for the East Lee town tax, but did not go to work. For this case, the reporter contacted the IRS to verify the situation in Jinzhou, Jinzhou Municipal Bureau of Taxation, said the director of the office of the super super need to be approved by the higher authorities. A grape picking villagers were injured in the explosion were photographed by Wang Tianyi informed that the evening of 8, held in Jinzhou City, by the city party members of the team, the township party secretary, Township Mayor, members of the unit leaders to participate in the special meeting, put forward to the profound lessons, night investigation, all-out fighting rule where the illegal violation, enterprises in accordance with the "two three" standard will be banned, formalities, security risks are not completely eliminated, suspend production for rectification; to deal with the aftermath, to prevent secondary disasters, continue to treat the wounded, to the families of pension relief work. On the site of the surrounding enterprises and the masses of property losses for statistical assessment, compensation. At the same time, to further establish and improve the safety inspection and supervision system, improve safety production incentives, constraints, assessment mechanism, and resolutely相关的主题文章: