Hello neighbor Wu Yi to sing for Keri Shao Mingming will marry dancers – Entertainment Sohu ca1871

"Hello" neighbor Wu Yi to sing for Keri Shao Mingming will marry dancers – Sohu   entertainment; Wu Yi will propose clearly enough Southern entertainment Sohu Jiangnan style, Friday night 21:20, ice day delegation to the Shenyang northeast forthright. A tender and soft fan, ice seventh station "aggressive" open: the beginning of the program "the snow queen" Keri domineering appearance, stunning the audience hanging open skating skills; neighborhood test links, and Liu Meihan left a broken idol temperament, the couple quarrel broke the street mobile phone incarnation; peace feast warmth, Shao Mingming, Wu Yi and Li Rui became a funny "northeast group of three people, squatting to eat dumplings at the corner…… Star exposes love Shenyang Shao Mingming Keri dancers "Shenyang Shenyang my hometown, on the road, the brilliantly illuminated….." program members in the chat can not help but after hi ice exposes Shenyang and Shenyang open relay song. Big left said he recorded in Shenyang, "Hello neighbor," the most memorable experience, Shao Mingming said his eighteen birthday and the first press conference in the city. When Shao Mingming and Keri are good memories of Shenyang’s past, big left a song "Shenyang ah, my hometown" to immediately to the Shenyang style song impression relay. Keri sang "Biao treble snow" infection crowd, each dance funny Boy Shao Mingming heard music "evil" characteristics did not change, regardless of the feelings of skates for Keri, with dance improvisation. Funny "northeast three." Wu Yi will propose the on-line sing "warmth peace feast" link to the past a warm heart style, fun and funny constantly. The ice breaker group dough dough with neighborhood neighbors. When the narrator was ridicule all incarnate delicacy mind, good announcer became Keri’s "delicacy effect", the big mouth of the left to fight too clearly what went wrong in the end? The funny thing is to eat dumplings, Li Rui opened the "northeast dumplings" teaching mode, took Wu Yi and Shao Mingming knelt down to earth to experience the North dumplings in the northeast corner, in the role of Li Rui and Shao Mingming inextricably bogged down in eat while talking about funny version of northeast words, and by Wu Yi accidentally fall into the trap of dumplings. The mind is completely dumplings "seduce" choose silently listen to them, not to chat! Eat very seriously Wu Yi, things start to focus more on yo, this program, in order to help his brother next door to marry his girlfriend, Wu Yi and community neighbors rehearsing the proposal of flash, also sang "Recipient" scene! Wu Yi’s song will not impress his brother girlfriend, help him to marry him? Ice breaking novice Wu Yi ice breaking "first" what will happen? What are the highlights of this program? Tonight 21:20, lock the Guizhou satellite TV on time, please look forward to!相关的主题文章: