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Holidays The Ancient Greek and Roman cultures can be said to be the discoverers of the tradition of honoring our mothers. The first Mother’s Day ceremonial was a church service in 1908 requested by Anna Jarvis, of Philadelphia, to honor her deceased mother, Jarvis, at an early age, had heard her mother express hope that a day to honor all mothers would be established. So, in 1914, Congress passed legislation designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. There is also some evidence of a festival prevailing in the British Isles and Celtic Europe where a festival called the Spring Mother’s Day was celebrated in honor of Goddess Brigid. However, these festivals are totally different from the present Mother’s Day in that they celebrated the concept of motherhood rather than giving honor and respect to the immediate mothers. Mother’s Day is attributed to this day as a celebration of womanhood, when we celebrate not only the involvement that a mother makes within her family by nurturing her children but also the contribution she makes to the society at large. Because of our mother only today we are perfectly grown-up. Mother takes us under her protection right from the day we are born. She feeds us, gives us medicines, looks after our growth and teaches us to walk and play. We always thank our friends, co-workers or every body who helps us. What about our mother? When shall we thank her for bringing us up, for the sleepless nights she had because of us, for cleaning us during our childhood, for giving us birth? A mother deserves much more than a single Mother’s Day. She should be sent a Thank You Gifts everyday. No thank can ever repay mother’s debt, but at least we will make her happy by sending her gift on Mother’s Day. Below are some gift ideas and suggestions. Flowers: An esteemed symbol of love, loyalty, gratitude & so many other different emotions and flowers also has a special connotation for Mother’s Day. Gifting flowers is one of the most admired ways of saying I love you and I care’ to your loved ones. Your mother has nurtured you like her most precious flower in the world. It is time for you to express your feelings to your mother by gifting some beautiful flowers that speak your language. Jewelry: If you are looking for a special gift for your mother on Mother’s Day, then jewelry is the best option. If you can afford it, then a fine piece of jewelry for your mother on Mother’s Day will speak more than a thousand words. It will make her feel really pampered. You could also gift her with a personalized piece of jewelry. Chocolates: Women and chocolate just go together. In fact, it would not be strengthening to say that the chocolate industry largely survives because of women. It also understood by many to release feel-good chemicals in the brain. No wonder it is perhaps well-liked present for every occasion, especially in Mother’s Day. Whatever may be the gift you give to your mother, the best gift you will be giving her this Mother’s Day is the feeling that you thought of her and made an effort to make her feel really special in its own way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: