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Hong Xiuzhu Chinese KMT delegation arrived in Nanjing Chinese KMT president Hong Xiuzhu arrived in Nanjing on the trip China KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu rate China KMT delegation, tonight (30 days) 19:35 arrived in Nanjing, began to visit the mainland trip. This is Hong Xiuzhu became the first Chinese KMT chairman, led a delegation to visit the mainland. After arriving in Nanjing, Hong Xiuzhu will visit Nanjing on the morning of 31 Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum. Before flying to Beijing, in November 2nd, 3, held the peaceful development of cross-strait forum part discuss issues. Concern is, as usual, KMT leaders will meet in Beijing. Hong Xiuzhu is starting from Taipei to Nanjing in the afternoon, the opening of the trip. Before his departure, Hong Xiuzhu told reporters at the Taoyuan airport, she said, the mainland to visit as a "journey of peace", cross-strait exchanges can not be broken. Hong Xiuzhu: cross-strait non-governmental exchanges can not be broken reporter: the cross-strait exchanges you put it into what? What kind of opportunity for the two sides? KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu: a journey of peace, and hope that the two sides to create a stable peace. Because the two sides now so communication interruption, so we feel that folk exchange temperature or to continue, so we must continue to do push hands, for cross-strait civilian exchanges will not be interrupted and can have better results. Wu Dunyi has served as vice chairman and deputy chairman of the KMT, 30, said in an interview, I wish the success of the trip to the two sides of the Strait, and to improve cross-strait peace on the current impasse to contribute to the.相关的主题文章: