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Domestic enterprises have launched the Internet business platform appliance — original title: household electrical appliance enterprises have launched Internet operating platform cloud network Chinese Orville Joint Electronic Information Industry Association released the day before the "big screen" blue book "pointed out that the 2020 OTT is expected to end the market scale will reach 630 billion yuan." In this context, the positive transformation of household electrical appliance enterprises, have launched the Internet operating platform. Reconstruction of the business model of Internet and intelligent two trends to promote the rapid development of OTT box. According to the big screen blue book, as the core of home Internet equipment, 2015 OTT terminal (including smart TVs and boxes) reserves reached 165 million units. It is expected that by 2020, OTT terminal will exceed 400 million units, more than 70% of households using OTT side to watch the program. 2017, OTT terminal home coverage will reach 45%. OTT smart TV as the main direction of development, the domestic smart TV in total more than 60 million, become a traditional TV manufacturers and Internet giant wrestling battlefield. Among them, Hisense, SKYWORTH, TCL, Konka and other traditional machine brand of music as well as other emerging Internet brand storm, as the main participants. PC mobile terminal with the use of different fragmentation of the scene, focusing on the OTT side of the family interactive scene. OTT end with a huge amount of resources, the Internet can attract people to the front of the TV, but also makes the traditional TV users have more choices. Content is the core of the big screen era, the future may be free hardware." Storm TV responsible person. According to the relevant regulations, manufacturers need to connect intelligent electricity supplier approved by SARFT, CNTV know-all, southern media, China Radio International, Chinese CIBN, Hunan radio and television and the Central People’s Broadcasting Station CNBN this 7 Internet TV content service platform, content providers must participate in the relevant business licenses by. Aimed at the operation field of the era of the big screen for the traditional home appliance enterprises mixed. Affected by the impact of Internet brands, as well as the overall impact of the main raw material prices down the panel, the first half of the average price of TV fell. In the first half, leading enterprises in the television industry to achieve revenues of 13 billion 290 million yuan, down by $5.09%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of $740 million, an increase of 18.53%. In this context, the positive transformation of household electrical appliance enterprises. Hisense, TCL, Konka Group recently launched the Internet platform. With the popularity of smart TV, the market is expected in 2016 will be the first year of Internet TV operators realized. China Merchants Securities analyst believes that 2016 Konka smart TV operating income is expected to exceed 100 million yuan. Among them, the boot advertising accounted for about 30%. In addition, Hisense group is expected in 2017 advertising operating income will exceed 100 million yuan; TCL is expected to be divided into annual revenue will exceed $60 million. Hisense in the semi annual report pointed out that the first half of the company Poly good learning platform on the line, so that the formation of a good poly, poly studious, poly fun, poly enjoy the purchase of the four core相关的主题文章: