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To start with lets make it clear what a day planner is? A day planner is a small book/binder, which contains a diary, calendar and an address book. A day planner can also contain other useful information, such as maps, conversation tables and telephone codes. Day planners are portable and designed to be carried easily in a purse, briefcase or backpack. Day planners are used throughout the world and go by many different names such as day planner (USA), personal organiser (UK), kalendereinlagen (Germany), agenda organiseur (France) and Datere (Denmark) to name a few. Day planners in a nut shell are organisational tools used for planning and time management. Organisational skills are a necessity for helping to plan our social and professional lives. So regardless of whether you are a die-hard control freak or you just want to start be.e more organised, then I have listed out a few advantages of the value of using a planner in your everyday life below: Always know where you are and what youre doing By having a day planner means you can keeps your daily schedule in front of you at all times, so you never double book a meeting or event and you know where you are meant to be at any given time. Avoid being late Our lives are full of deadlines and time frames we need to do stuff within so having a day planner allows you to control your time so that you are never late for a meeting, your project gets in on time or your avoid late fees by paying your bills on time. Simplifies Day planners simplify your lives because they keep all your details and information for work and home in one place. Keep your promise A day planner helps you keep those promises you make. This way people like you more and trust you because you follow through with your promises and live up to your word. Personal Goals A day planner helps you guide your life towards your true dreams and aspirations. If you are planning a holiday, wanting to lose weight, get fitter or aim to achieve that one thing in life you have always wanted to do, then you plan your way to success Money management Day planners are a great way of tracking your expenses for your household budget for you dont get into trouble or debt. Never lose contact Day planners are a great way to store information relating to your friends and friends. You can access there information quickly if ever needed. Never miss a date Dont get in the dog house because you missed your anniversary or your mother birthday. Day planners allow you to never miss important dates meaning you will always be appreciated as a good reliable friend, relative and/or work college. Increase efficiency By using a day planner you will find that your efficiency at carrying out tasks will increase as you are more organised. Ability to manage By having better control over you time is a key part of the ability to manage. By having full managerial control of your own time and tasks also helps your ability to manage other people. Stress reduction more organised with a day planner will help you reduce stress and creating a more relaxed workplace and home life for you. By having your information and tasks under control means you are less likely to expend time and energy worrying needlessly about unimportant or inessential tasks. So there you have it, how did you ever survive without one I hear you asking. In all seriousness day planners simply help you allocate your time better to enrich your life, increase you productivity, be.e a more reliable individual and help you plan for your longer term goals. So what you waiting for get back in control. Crazy Busy? 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