How to deal with people to menopause expert medicine is better to adjust the

How to deal with experts in menopause: how to adjust your mood when you take medicine, when you go to menopause, sex hormones will decrease, but each person’s symptoms are not the same, depending on neurotransmitters. There are more than 100 neurotransmitters in the human body, some of them are happy, some are anxious, and any change in them can cause different symptoms. So, it’s safer to regulate neurotransmitters than to eat hormones directly. That is to say, even if the hormones in the body are not normal, as long as the neurotransmitter in the middle "do the work", do not let people feel uncomfortable, this treatment can be. From this point of view, it can be seen that the hormone does not use, how much, not to see the hormone has not been filled, but to see the symptoms are not relieved. The results may depend on traditional Chinese medicine or some neurotransmitter drugs, in addition, self adjustment is also effective, after all, menopause is not a disease, but a change of state. Several ways of self-regulation can refer to: 1, brisk walking 20 minutes a day, walking heart rate is 20% higher than the usual resting heart rate, such as the usual 80 beats per minute, after exercise to improve the heart rate of 96 to 100 minutes per minute, exercise for 20 minutes. 2, two hands each take a bottle of water filled with water, while walking, while throwing arms, so that the body feels that each organ is involved in sports, often such exercise can slow down the pace of human aging. 3, deep breath, breathe slowly and deeply. Such as hot flashes sweating, irritability and kept coming up, the first to stay quiet, then take a deep breath, and you can drink cold boiled water. These details of life are very effective in improving symptoms. 4, eat less salt, women at the age of forty or fifty, the body is fragile, including fluctuations in blood pressure, will be high and low, at this time to light diet, salt will increase the risk of hypertension in the future.

人到更年期如何应对 专家:吃药不如调整心情人到了更年期,性激素会降低,但每个人的症状都表现得不一样,这取决于神经递质。人体内有100多种神经递质,有的管高兴,有的管焦虑,它们的任何一点变化都可以引起不同的症状。所以,比起直接吃激素,调整神经递质是最安全的。也就是说,即便体内的激素不正常,但只要神经递质在中间“做了工作”,不让人感到难受,这个治疗就可以了。从这个角度上可以看出,激素用不用、用多少,不是看激素被补上了没有,而是看症状缓解没有。效果的取得可能依靠中药或者一些神经递质类的药物,除此而外,自我调整也有效,毕竟更年期不是疾病,只是一种状态的变化。几种自我调节的方式可以参考:1、每天快走20分钟,走的时候心率要比平时静息时的心率高20%,比如平时每分钟心跳80次,锻炼后提高到每分钟心跳96至100次,运动保持20分钟。2、两只手各拿一个装满水的矿泉水瓶,一边走,一边甩胳膊,让身体觉得每个器官都参与运动,经常这样锻炼能减缓人衰老的脚步。3、深呼吸,缓慢而深长地呼吸。比如潮热盗汗,烦躁的劲儿上来了,先要安静地待着,然后深呼吸,同时可以喝点凉白开。这些生活细节对改善症状都很有效。4、少吃盐,女人到了四五十岁的时候,身体是脆弱的,其中就包括血压的波动,会忽高忽低,这个时候要清淡饮食,盐多了会增加日后患高血压的危险。相关的主题文章: