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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews I just recently purchased a small apartment through in-house financing. Now I am trying to find a way to dress up this apartment. I am not really that high-maintenance type of a guy, but since this is my first ever own apartment, I got to do something better to put some style in it. That is why, for quite some time now, I have been looking over the Internet for pieces of furnitures and appliances that I would need in setting up my bachelor pad. But in looking for these items, I need to take into consideration the price since I will still have to pay for my apartment. I then made sure to visit the websites of eBay and Amazon and .pare the prices of the furnitures and appliances that I would like to set up in my crib. One would think that it would require a minimum effort to make a price .parison of Amazon and eBay products. How I wish that it was that easy. Most of the time, when you search for an item both in Amazon and eBay and .pare the price, each of these sites would probably return a thousand items at least. As an example, when I keyed in one of the items that I wanted’a sofa bed’in the search option to make a .parison, eBay and Amazon returned 961 and 1,963 results, respectively (both of which are under the category of Home and Garden). If you want to get the best deal for the product that you are looking for, you have to make sure to check every single item in the search results from Amazon and eBay. .parison of the prices is the trickiest part. There are times that the quality of a product is not reflected by its price. After checking all the items both from eBay and Amazon, .pare now the prices and then narrow down the number of these items by also taking into consideration other important criteria that you require from the item you want to purchase. These criteria might include the brand of the product, the feedback of previous buyers to the sellers, the quality of the product, and others. However, in order to .pare eBay and Amazon products, especially the prices, one might actually say to just pick the lowest price among the search results. Unfortunately, this is not always the right thing to do. If you are about to choose an item between eBay and Amazon, .parison of the shipping and handling costs that will be added to the price of the item is one of the things that should be prioritized. When we .pare Amazon and eBay based on these costs, it is possible that you would pay more for a certain item in the former than the latter. This is because Amazon has set shipping prices, which normally do not include the shipping costs, whereas eBay allows its sellers to set their own shipping costs. Also, since there are relatively more sellers in eBay than in Amazon, the possibility of selling similar items is huge. Prices of these similar items would then be .petitive, which is favorable to us consumers. I have not found enough time yet to search for all the items that I would need for my apartment in eBay and Amazon and .pare the prices of these items. But what I have discussed above will surely help me more on my hunt. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: