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Software Android and iOS are both the most lucrative mobile app development platform. Although Apple is the dominant player in US, Android has the widest customers around the world. Hence for business requirements, Android is the most viable option. With over 850,000 applications in the Google Play and still counting it has be.e the most versatile platform for the businesses as well as individuals to release any sort of apps in the market. App store now receives hundreds of new applications every day. After the release of application to the app store it is essential to promote those apps for generating revenue. Developers should popularize their apps over web to attract the attention of customers. Here are few ways to market and promote your applications on Google Play. Simultaneous App marketing and Development Dont wait till you finish developing your app; instead start marketing when the development process is ongoing. You could setup a website or a blog about the application you would be releasing in future. You could also promote the concept of your application through blog or social media websites. Developers should also write articles and reviews on topics and products related to the type of application they are willing to develop. This would help to gain visibility on the web as well as making people familiar about the idea of the applications. All the articles and app promotion through social media and blog posting has to be relevant. Search optimize your Google Play Page Every application released on the Google Play has its own page on the Google Play store. Customers and users would .e to this page through links in articles, blogs and social media updates. The developers will have just few seconds to persuade their possible customers through their page hence, the contents and information on the page has to be perfect. It would help if the app is named smartly i.e. the name should reflect the purpose of the application. Developers should also take utmost care while designing the app icons. It would be helpful if high resolution screenshots are also included in the Google Play page. Involve your Friends, Family any one you can The first few days of the release of the application to the Google Play are the most crucial time that would decide the future of your apps promotion. Most users rely on the ratings given to the application before actually downloading it to their mobile device. Along with the rating, .ments and reviews also matters. If the app gets a good number of downloads and has good ratings, there is a chance that it will be placed in the top list of best selling app or staff picks section. Hence, ask your friends and family to give 5-star ratings to the applications, in fact ask as many people you know to give your application a 5-star rating and write impressive .ments and reviews about the applications. Ensure a higher number of downloads by requesting trusted friends to download the app. Above all keep track of negative and bad reviews and remove any prevalent bugs that might be hampering your apps reputation. Android Application Development is considered to be the best mobile app development platform for businesses. Because of its wider reach, it facilitates them to promote and market their application to a wider group of people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: