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Domain-Names Nowadays most of the Business is carried online and most of these online business people would have faced the critical situation of forgetting to re-register their domain names. All of a sudden, it may happen that the domain would have gone for sale because it is not re-registered or forgotten where it was registered? Thousand of webmasters are facing this situation but they are not losing their domain names because of the policy of 30 day redemption period imposed by Internet Corporation for assigned Names and Numbers (also called as ICANN). People running business on line should understand how important the domain names are, and to keep up-to-date contact information with the registrar. If you have forgotten the domain registrar details, how will you retrieve it? By doing the WHOIS inquiry, the domain registrant can get the complete details of the current registrar, DNS servers, the creation and expiry date of the domain name. The registrar can also get the domain registrant details including phone and fax numbers, email and last known address of the registrant. The domain name and details can also be got through the website .dnsstuff../tools/… (Put your domain name in the place of yourwebsite..) You can escape or reduce the chances of losing your domain names by registering it for 10 years which is the currently allowed maximum registration time. It is good to re-register it every year to the 10 year and always keep up-to-date information of email and physical address through WHOIS. WAITING TIME FOR EXPIRED DOMAIN NAMES The domain name can be registered for a period of one to 10 years, given to registrant option. Some domain name owners may not carry out the renewal. A domain name is not dropped immediately from the domain registry when it get expires. A waiting time of 30 days called as the Redemption Grace Period, is re.mended by ICANN during which the domain name owner can do the renewal. This ICANN re.mendation is not taken as the law and so the policies vary according to the registrars intentions and procedures. If the registrar considers the domain name as a valuable asset, the registrar may provide the registrar grace period of 30 days during which the domain name may be auctioned. After the redemption grace period, the domain names are placed in pending deletion period for 5 days. During this pending deletion period anyone can claim the domain name including the former domain owner. Once the pending deletion period of 5 days ends, on the 6th day, the domain name is dropped from the registry database and available for new registration. It should be understood, once the domain name is expired, the domain name owner has no hold on it and the registrar is having the option of selling the domain name during the redemption period. RECOVER EXPIRED DOMAIN NAMES We can recover the top level domain names which are expired during the renewal grace period and registry redemption periods. An additional fee for domain name recovery may or may not be collected depending upon the registrar. The first step in this process is to log into the Account Manager. Then click LAUNCH which is next to Domains. In the Domain menu, select the option RECOVER EXPIRED DOMAINS. Then select the domain names that have to be recovered. Then click RECOVER. Now the length of the renewal period length has to be mentioned here and click NEXT. There is a provision to select registration and website options to mention with the domain name renewal. .plete the procedure by clicking NEXT. One another way of getting a expired domain name is to attempt through BACK ORDER SERVICE. GoDaddy, NameJet and Snap Names are some of the Internet .panies, who acquire the expired domain names, reducing the work of watching the calendar and monitor the position of the dropped domain name. The .pany will contact the registrant and notify the expiry of the domain name. Even if the domain name expires, it is not lost and can be recovered. But the conditions vary according to the type of domain and the time the domain name has passed the expiry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: