Hubei man posing as a police to divert traffic for half a year was not found-icesword

Hubei man posing as a police to divert traffic for half a year was not found the newspaper news (reporter Yang Rongfeng correspondent Wan Xinli) in order to realize the dream of being a police officer, but the purchase of police duty service, patrol, patrol every day, "traffic", to persuade and correct violations of the first half of the driver. Because a drug, feel guilty after the day before surrender. "I’m a drug junkie. I’m a fake cop. I give myself up." The morning of September 27th, the process of a (male, 31 years old, Yingcheng people) to the Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District) Public Security Bureau to surrender. The police asked that Cheng and his wife live in Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District). He said himself posing as police enforcement for seven or eight months, also produced false documents, their fake police uniforms, fake law enforcement vehicles. Subsequently, the police in accordance with the law will be suspected of pretending to be police illegal behavior transferred to the Dragon police station to investigate. Originally, Cheng has always wanted to be a policeman, but failed to test. At the beginning of this year, he bought a uniform, work permit, the family minibus printed "public security patrol", and then often drove to "patrol"". Cheng an account, see big traffic flow, he will stop to command road traffic, see muck truck block plate, motor vehicles do not follow the road, running red lights and other irregularities will be pointed out in time, to be corrected. The evening of September 25th, a friend invited by dinner and taking drugs, feel unworthy of his dream of being a police officer, and surrender. Police said a while posing as police, but he is not to cheat, but to maintain traffic order, in accordance with the relevant regulations, the confiscation of their uniforms and insignia, and carries on the admonition education treatment. The police detained their public security for ten days for their drug taking.

湖北男子假扮警察疏导交通圆梦 长达半年未被发现   本报讯(记者杨荣峰 通讯员万信立)为实现当警察的梦想,竟自购警用执勤服、巡逻车,每天巡逻、“疏导交通”,劝导和纠正驾驶员违规行为达半年。因为一次吸毒,觉得愧疚后,于前日投案自首。   “我吸毒了,是一名假警察,来投案自首。”9月27日上午,程某(男,31岁,应城人)到武汉经济技术开发区(汉南区)公安分局自首。   民警通过询问得知,程某和妻子居住在武汉经济技术开发区(汉南区)。他说,自己冒充警察执法有七八个月,还出示了自己的假证件、假警服、假执法车。   随后,民警依法将他涉嫌冒充警察的违法行为移交神龙派出所进行调查处理。   原来,程某一直想当警察,但未能考上,今年年初,他买了一套制服、工作证,将家中微型面包车印上“治安巡逻”,然后经常开车去“巡逻”。   程某交代,看见车流较大的地方,他会停下来指挥道路交通,看见有渣土车遮挡号牌、机动车不按道行驶、闯红灯等违规行为也会及时指出,予以纠正。   9月25日晚,程某受好友邀约聚餐而吸食毒品,觉得愧对自己当警察的梦想,于是投案自首。   警方表示,程某虽然假扮警察,但他未以此行骗,而是去维护交通秩序,按照相关法规,没收其警服和警用标志,并对其进行训诫教育处理。对于其吸毒行为,警方将其治安拘留十天。相关的主题文章: