Husband always wears leather pants appearance, Zhang Ziyi was so disgusted that… super bass

Husband always wears leather pants appearance, Zhang Ziyi was so disgusted that… Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi recently, Wang Feng appeared in a speech program, talking about the life story and his journey. As an independent music people in Wang Fenggang, he said his life was: "who can not afford housing, can not afford to eat rice." Zhang Ziyi once asked Wang Feng, "how much is your song like this?" Wang Feng replied: "only by royalty of about 10 thousand yuan." During the speech, Wang Feng also revealed that Zhang Ziyi had sent information before he came on stage: "my husband refueling!" Wang Feng also said that his wife was dressed out in front of the "mind". Zhang Ziyi said to him: "Why are you still wearing the famous leather pants, wearing the famous belt? Not afraid of being a joke?" In order to express the wife’s toe, Wang Feng on the stage on the spot ripped off his belt! Then cried: "wife, I can’t take off pants……" Related news: Wang Feng said that when teachers never wear leather pants Harlem Yu God up the knife: long johns in 2016 08 months 11 days 10:50 source: Phoenix Entertainment Wang Feng Jay Chou, a 18 year old girl with a black leather jacket collocation "new song" leather debut stage, waist line above the lattice scarf Fan Shizu personality. By the tutor asked what kind of character when the player said he is not cute and age, but love this cool jacket route. In this regard, Jay Chou has always been low-key in the open mode to grab people do not forget to pull out of the gun lying at the scene, the pair said that the shape of the players and the very match with Wang Feng, more directed at the likes of tight pants, like the. A remark, the audience is also bursting point poke and Na Ying further exposed Wang Feng to be caught off guard, wearing leather pants in love. The face of Jay Chou’s "digging", Wang Feng is more open debate mode, poker-faced to prove yourself to the stage without passing through the leather pants, but before Harlem Yu ruthlessly laid bare before seen. However, before Wang Feng opening retort, Harlem Yu continued to ask "so before look up the knife you wear tightly is long johns"? In the face of mentor’s repeated attack, Wang Feng style again lead to the topic of players, said this outfit is great, this is the end of the chaps triggered chunqiangshezhan. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: