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Travel-and-Leisure Is there anything more magical than Tuscany in spring? I don’t want to disappoint you, but if you’re talking about early spring, such as the beginning of March, you may find the Tuscan weather chilly. Of course there are plenty of things to see and to do, and before long the weather should take a turn for the better. On the second weekend of March the great city of Firenze (Florence), population about 350 thousand within a metropolitan area of 1.5 million, hosts the Oleum, an Olive Festival which is held in the Sixteenth Century fortress Fortezza da Basso. If you miss this festival stop by the Fortezza anyway. It’s really something to see and there’s often a exhibition in progress. On the 18th of March the small town of Anghiari, population about 6 thousand, celebrates the Feast of Gambellaio, in which men offer all passersby delicious sausages. The only problem is no hands are allowed; you have to grab them directly into your mouth. Afterwards .e Brustichino, a polenta (corn bread) with grilled sausages. The beautiful village of Montefioralle in the Chianti area of Tuscany holds a Frittelle Festival on the Sunday after St Peter’s day (March 19th). In case you didn’t know, frittelle are fried rice cakes. These frittelle are prepared in a huge cauldron of oil in the historic town center. And take a close look at Montefioralle; it is one of the finest surviving examples of rural village medieval architecture in Tuscany. The little town of Panzano, about 20 miles (30 kilometers) south of Florence, celebrates the .ing of spring on April 25 with its Festa della Stagion Buona, (they call it the good season and who can argue with them?). This includes a parade of citizens dressed in traditional costumes of the Renaissance, a medieval market, and lots more. Panzano is situated in the Chianti province of Tuscany so you’ll have no trouble finding fine wine to go with the local food specialties. For a change of pace visit the city of Cortona, population about 20 thousand, which is located some 75 miles (120 kilometers) southeast of Florence. On the fourth weekend of April it hosts the National Copper Works Fair with artistic exhibitors from many regions of Italy. The town of Torre del Lago, population about 11 thousand, hosts its annual Puccini Spring Festival towards the end of April in its open-air theater near where Puccini lived and worked. One of Firenze’s special secrets is the Iris Garden of Florence, a former olive grove on the east slope of the lofty Piazzale Michelangelo that overlooks the city. In addition to the hybrid iris collection you’ll see ancient trees and a great view of Florence and its surroundings. This garden is only open from May 2 until May 20. The city of Pescia celebrates Pinocchio’s Birthday on May 25th, but you might want to celebrate it at the Pinocchio Park in the city of Collodi, named for the author who died unaware of the eventual success of this famous children’s story. On the final weekend of the month Cortona celebrates the Archidado Games .memorating an upper-class late Fourteenth-Century marriage. You’ll see townspeople dressed in traditional costumes and appreciate the religious ceremonies and processions on Saturday and the crossbow .petitions pitting neighborhoods against each other on Sunday. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: