Intel’s first UAV Falcon 8+ release V 8 rotor

Intel’s first unmanned aerial vehicle Falcon 8+ release V shape 8 rotor Intel officially launched the first enterprise user market for unmanned aerial vehicles Intel  Falcon  8+. In fact, Falcon  8+ is not a new product, but Intel based on acquiring company Ascending  Technologies’s high-end unmanned aerial vehicle Falcon  8 improvement and upgrading. Falcon  8+ unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system is composed of three parts, including: 8 rotorcraft   Falcon  8+, Intel  Cockpit remote control, as well as the use of smart batteries. Among them, Falcon  8+ body with yellow and black with a bee. Is different from the common X four axis design, it used special V – 8 rotor structure is arranged on the head in the nose of the plane. Falcon  8+ AscTec  Trinity installed; autonomous flight control system, automatic spatial perception system, three inertial measurement unit (Inertial  Measurement  Unit, IMU), can reduce the fault caused by IMU machine explosion probability. Falcon  8+ can load 800g objects, remote control distance of up to 1km, life time is about 16 to 26 minutes. The highest speed of 56.33km h, more than the market most consumer level UAVs faster. According to the assembly equipment of Falcon  8+ can perform air reconnaissance, aerial mapping and other tasks. Control, Intel  Cockpit remote control interface design than AscTec active Mobile  Ground  Station much simpler, greatly reducing the buttons and joystick, with particular emphasis on the automation function keys. Cockpit remote control built in a Windows tablet, both to allow home planning and implementation of flight routes, but also preview 1080p real-time digital image transfer screen, so that the remote control becomes easier.相关的主题文章: