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| The Internet has been tapped for many industrial purposes. Most recently, Arlyn Scales now provides an optional Ethernet port on their line of Industrial Scales. These range from crane scales with especially high capacity, to large floor scales, platform scales, bench scales and parts counting scales. For applications requiring extremely high accuracy, they are also available on Ultra Precision Surface Acoustic Wave Scales. But some of the most popular applications is with drum scales and cylinder scales. There are a wide variety of industrial applications where various liquids are dispensed or collected in drums, tanks, cylinders and totes. The industrial process will be interrupted if the material is fully depleted. Although it may take many hours, or in some situations many days or weeks to use up all of the material, it is critical to monitor its rate of use and remaining contents. When supplied with an Ethernet connection, the industrial scale may be connected into a local area network. The scale is programmed with a unique address. It can broadcast the current weight on its platform to the network. Any .puter also connected to the same network will be able to receive this weight information. The .puter may simply collect this data in a database file, or otherwise process the information for other uses. It can be programmed so that it displays an alarm message when the contents of the tank falls below a targeted level. While it is useful to be able to see weight information from any .puter on site, it is often convenient to be able to read this data from other remote .puters. Specially designed software will .municate the weight information to a .puter server that is connected to the Internet. Those users who have been granted the proper permissions may access this server from any other device that is also connected to the Internet. This allows a central .puter to monitor cylinders and tanks in many different sites at the same time. Significant efficiencies can be obtained when arranging to replenish these materials. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: