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Internet car push intelligent refrigerator YunOS everything interconnected strength geometry? The Sohu of science and technology in September 8th, the Alibaba group and Midea Group jointly issued to build YunOS intelligent operating system "OS beauty wisdom smart refrigerator can be realized based on intelligent control and recognition, such as food, smart alert, intelligent weighing convenient shopping, fast payment, kitchen entertainment, cloud recipes, nutrition analysis and many other innovative features. This is following with SAIC jointly launched Roewe RX5 Internet car, YunOS and a new product in the field of IoT. For YunOS, the intention is through its own operating system to accelerate and promote the whole industry IoT process, then on the two case, whether YunOS desire can be achieved, the current strength of what geometry? Iron brother propose by the following aspects to discuss its, is supported in the previous YunOS and SAIC hardware manufacturers jointly released Roewe RX5 Internet car, the technical committee and the chairman of Alibaba, iron brother Dr. Wang Jian had a conversation, Dr. Wang firmly believes that the development of IoT Chinese center must be the "manufacturer", as a service the joint operating system made by manufacturers and long Internet Co, in order to speed up the development of the networking industry. Iron brother will distinguish between Dr. Wang Jian views and some enterprises to do their own hardware to enter the IoT for improvement and revolutionary factions. The former care cooperation, cooperation, and traditional manufacturers who care about subversion, each in his element, Internet companies to re learn technology and industry chain integration of hardware, hardware manufacturers to re inject the Internet genes, quite difficult. In the eyes of iron brother, under the current market structure of Internet of things, any party monopolize all process is almost impossible, we not only on the hardware manufacturers Internet gene transformation hold to much hope, do not expect the Internet hardware integration ability is too high. Therefore, in a considerable period of time, many hardware vendors to a relatively closed posture to meet the IoT, such as GREE in early 2011, and Mobile released things air conditioning, but because of the lack of a unified operating system and software environment, did not achieve the desired effect, after the mobile phone, in order to strengthen the man-machine interactive experience through mobile phone. With the continuous exploration of hardware vendors and Internet companies in the Internet of things industry, the two sides in this consensus is increasingly strong: through the integration of resources and complementary strengths, can effectively push the rapid development of the Internet of animals. Therefore, from the Roewe RX5 to the "OS wisdom smart refrigerator, IoT YunOS road development more and more clear, the YunOS through the underlying service operating system to expand the hardware manufacturer IoT, and continue to extend the IoT open category, to achieve rapid development. After Roewe released RX5, a lot of people think that the Internet car with Tesla as the representative of "disruptive products" is the distance, but it is also combined with the current situation of the automobile industry only Chinese quickly enter the smart car, after manufacturers should consider intelligent industrial chain and customer service etc. the transformation of a series of problems, and YunOS as o相关的主题文章: