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Interpretation: the new Infiniti VC-T 2.0T engine with black technology? The development of Sohu automobile engine has gone through hundreds of years of history, although it has now formed a very mature and perfect technology, but its development is not accomplished overnight. First, the development of vehicle engine is to increase the power and power as the goal, until the last century the United States in 20s GM engineer to solve the problem of the engine combustion detonation, and the compression ratio is increased from 4 to 8, greatly improving the work efficiency of the engine. At the same time, Britain’s Ricardo and his collaborators to improve the combustion chamber, its power increased by 20%. But this is not enough, after repeated tests, in the middle of the last century, engineers finally in engine equipment turbo, so that the pressure to 1.4-1.6 atmospheric pressure, this revolutionary achievements will be onto the peak of automobile engine technology. Now, the engine technology more and more extreme, lightweight, small displacement, high efficiency and high environmental protection is the goal, the world’s major car chase enterprises at the same time, the automobile engine is facing a crisis and challenges hitherto unknown, large displacement engine has been difficult to adapt to the requirements of the times, the engineers can only continue to squeeze the small displacement engine potential. In the face of limited displacement, how to achieve higher horsepower output, has become the bottleneck of many car prices insurmountable. Under this background, Infiniti brought VC-T 2.0T engine with a new, stunning black technology suddenly the entire automotive industry. The VC-T 2.0T engine in its production models on the use of variable compression ratio, according to different working conditions, the compression ratio was adjusted freely in the range of 8:1-14:1. To know the current market generally engine compression ratio only between 9:1-12:1, compared with the same level of engine fuel economy, it improves the whole 27% (collocation CVT gearbox), to achieve a good higher fuel economy in the premise of the finite displacement. Variable compression ratio is not very fresh, because it has been applied in many engines, such as TOYOTA, Mazda L Atkinson 1.8 engine Chong Chi blue engine and so on, but the variable compression Infiniti has its own set of standards than the technology but, whether its actual result is satisfactory? And look down. VC-T 2.0T engine can output 272 horsepower maximum power and peak torque of 390 cattle · m, in the daily traffic jams can be done under the fuel consumption of 5 liters per hundred kilometers or so, thus, the engine did not langdexuming. Of course, VC-T 2.0T engine is not a transitional product, but a breakthrough in the reform of automotive engines. In addition, this engine is a good combination of the Otto cycle and the Atkinson cycle. When you need a powerful driving force, the engine system using Otto cycle mode, to ensure the power enough; if the condition of low load, then switch to the Atkinson cycle, so as to maximize efficiency, to obtain the best fuel saving effect. The combination of the double circulation system can be r相关的主题文章: