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Beauty Most people agree that moisturizing the skin is an essential, never-to-be-skipped part of their daily skincare routine. Its just something you always do, no matter what your path is to skin rejuvenation. But did you know that some skincare experts believe that moisturizing the skin is unnecessary, and can actually harm it? Regularly slathering on the lotion, they say, may cause and worsen acne, wrinkles and other problems due to three reasons. 1.The skins own oil, sebum, is very effective in moisturizing the skin at a level far deeper than the superficial benefits of a topically applied moisturizer. No matter how much cream you put on, the skin can still look and feel dry if theres not enough sebum present within the skin. However, most moisturizers disrupt the skins own natural oil production abilities, thereby making it rely on products. This causes a dependency cycle. 2.Many moisturizers tend to clog the pores, causing unsightly acne breakouts and the appearance of enlarged pores. 3.Ingredients included in moisturizers can irritate the skin and react negatively once applied, causing inflammation (such as parabens and parfums) and degeneration at the cellular level (such as mineral oil and oxybenzone). Degeneration results in the earlier onset of wrinkles, pigmentation problems and sagging. It can also negatively interact with the other products you use in your skincare routine, as the cells wont be able to absorb their beneficial properties. For these reasons, skin rejuvenation relies on your ability to produce enough sebum, which becomes increasingly more difficult with every passing year. If your skin cant produce it, then its imperative to find products that do not clog pores or disrupt production, rather helping it along. The best ingredients to look for in on the shelf moisturizing products include naturally sourced ones like vitamin C and E, which are fantastic antioxidants, and olive, safflower and grapeseed oils. Hyaluronic acid also provides intense moisturization properties, targeting the cells. Moisturizing is not necessary if your skin produces enough sebum. This is an important thing to remember if youve got oily, acne prone skin. The famous German doctor, Dr. Hauschka (whos skincare line by the same name is world renown) believes that everyone should skip moisturizer, at least overnight, once stating that one should leave the skin free of it while sleeping. Instead, use a toner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: