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Arts-and-Entertainment The housing market in Northern Virginia stayed somewhat secure through the recent financial disaster and is well positioned for development throughout the the future. While a good many sections of the country, for example, the Midwest as well as the Deep South, have suffered drops in real estate selling price ranges greater than 46%, home in Northern Virginia have only slipped between 10 and percent. Price points of have now recovered to levels similar to those of 1999. While towns in other parts of the nation have lost jobs and income, the DC suburbs have increased overall employment. People have moved here from places like Des Moines to areas such as Herndon to find work for companies in the military and biotech industries. When many from outside this region think about jobs in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia, they think about the United States government. However this region has many other types of employment, including electronics, healthcare, house construction, real estate, and hospitality services. The international dynamics of our community also helps it be a great place to live for men and women coming from all backgrounds and countries. There are dining establishments and cultural happenings which appeal to many different types of persons. Interest rates are hitting historic lows and are not likely to rise in the near future. With affordable mortgage interest rates, a family could easily get more home for the investment, as the monthly home loan payments are a combination of the loan balance and the mortgage interest. This makes Hillsboro Townhomes more affordable than ever, especially since the prices have been held in check by the slow economy. For individuals who can afford it, and who have a good credit record, now is a good time to acquire a residential home in the Virginia suburbs. Although this is a relatively expensive place to live, unemployment is low and job satisfaction is high. You will find jobs of plenty of different kinds, both white-collar and blue-collar. The DC suburbs tend to be unique because you might be in Washington DC one moment and within the hour or so you could be on the river, in the mountains, or on the beach front. Also, there are plenty of choices for dining and entertaimnent, with restaurants from pretty much every region and taste. There are actually choices of different types of properties, areas, commutes, activities, universities and colleges, businesses, and everything else! You can locate city living in a high-rise condo in Arlington or Alexandria, the suburban way of living in a townhouse property in Centreville or single family home in Chantilly , or a five star estate in Great Falls or McLean . There are actually golf communities, retirement communities, and even horse farms all within an hours drive of the Capitol Steps. If you really are moving to Northern Virginia the very first time, perhaps you may feel a little overwhelmed. It’s really a very unique section of the country. The real estate agents from the Equity Rise Real Estate Team have all lived in Northern Virginia over Twenty five years and will help you get settled in your new home and surroundings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: