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SEO Search engine optimization is soon a must for businesses. It has that dual advantage of promoting a business on the search engines at no extra cost and also driving traffic to .pany websites. It attracts the right set of customers to the website, without spending more money on online marketing. SEO is still a skill which needs to be mastered properly for providing its due value to the clients. However with the advent of Twitter, the work has be.e a bit easier and affordable. Twitter has emerged as a great SEO tool for many .panies giving them a boost in online business and reputation building, both for small as well as medium sized .panies. Twitter is a place which clearly defines what your target audience standby and thus a lead can be taken for influencing them to follow you or get followed. The key for its extraordinary advantage is the twitters influence on the followers, especially the ones who can use the product or services the businesses offer. The followers are mapped by their tweet history, geography, interest and the number of areas they tweet on. The SEO .pany can begin by setting up a search for the products and services in question and then find out tweeters who follow them or have interest in those areas. As part of the campaign, .panies can then follow the people initially to be followed by later on. Tweeting is a diligent exercise and needs a daily routine, so that opportunities are not missed. The key in using tweeting as an SEO technique is how you can influence over tweeters and get your tweets, re-tweeted. The more one gets re-tweeted; the better will be.e the network on the tweeter. The better the network, more of the audience gets attracted to the .pany besides websites. The other ways for using it as an effective SEO tool is to keep tweeting about the latest features about the industry area you are working for as posts. If those topics are SEO optimized then, they are sure to gain the attention of the keen followers and further attract more re-tweets. A good content on the topic will definitely grab attention of followers and more followers and SEO naturally happens without spending an extra dollar for your clients. The core benefit of tweeting is that it influences the .munity at large and spreads like a wire. If the value, experience of the consumers is authentic, .panies will have advocates speaking on the tweeter to attract more and more quality traffic naturally.Hence Tweeting is great SEO technique which helps agencies in providing a cost effective and influential inter. marketing solution.YNG Media is a leading SEO service provider in India has beneficially used it to its advantage. Their passionate tweeting marketers have achieved success for many businesses across the country. Using the synergies of the tweeting platform with other SEO tools, YNG Media has established brand awareness of their clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: