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IT orange weekly: September 12th -9 month 18, included 43 domestic financing events – Sohu technology this week IT orange contains a total of 43 domestic investment and financing of mergers and acquisitions, covering 14 industries. Cultural and entertainment fields this week, the largest investment and financing industry, followed by the field of software tools. * click on the picture to look at the big picture according to the input data of orange IT this week found that this week domestic investment: Hot 1: the field of logistics logistics network platform "one meter ticking" received nearly billion yuan A round of financing in September 14th, logistics network platform one meter ticking announced by Papadopoulos lead investor, capital source, Xianfeng Changqing with the cast of A round of financing, financing amounted to nearly billion yuan. This round of financing will be used to strengthen team building and enhance the level of information. One meter ticking is a supply chain management company, by raising public network, capacity Crowdsourcing etc. operation mode, information system as a link, the convergence of regional logistics network and dedicated company, to achieve the end without blind spot distribution. In the establishment of less than a year’s time, one meter tick number of outlets to break through 1600, dry branch reached more than 6000, the network covers the country’s 23 provinces, county level coverage of up to 70%. The basic demand of logistics comes from the contradiction between production and consumption, because of the inconsistency of time, so it is necessary to store, because the space is inconsistent, so the need for transport. With the development of the Chinese consumption upgrade and overall economic level, Chinese basic market consumption is gradually released, which makes China county-level logistics demand will greatly increase. Compared with other network based logistics platform, one meter tick in the county, township and the arrival of the first shipment advantage. At present the whole market investment environment tends to be cautious, the performance of one meter tick still caused by the pursuit of capital side. Network based one meter ticking is combined with regional LTL logistics enterprises, which makes the trend of the market in the face of the sinking, can give full play to its regional network integrity, network depth, routing flexibility more advantages. A new generation of logistics network platform on behalf of the future of one meter ticking have great potential for development, the next one will focus on the layout of the national rice tick hub and network optimization, continuous upgrading, around the entire plate to express the construction of logistics network platform. Hot 2: Automotive Traffic melon seeds used car announced A round of financing over $250 million in September 13th, melon seeds on the second anniversary of the use of a car at the press conference announced A round of financing totaling over $250 million. Melon second-hand car plan in the next year to continue to invest 1 billion yuan in the brand level. The seeds of second-hand car is a flagship C2C personal second-hand car trading service trading platform, to help buyers and sellers direct face-to-face transactions, to ensure that every car on the platform through strict detection dimensional inspection system, from the source to ensure the condition. In order to better protect the interests of consumers, enhance the user experience, the melon platform to launch a user security system users, will come up with 200 million yuan to set up a user protection fund". User protection fund will be used in testing, quality assurance, insurance, finance, payment services, etc.. At present, melon seeds used car in real time相关的主题文章: