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Jingdong Tmall’s three year old who will become the first super? Since Liu Qiangdong and Ma 2016 into the second half of the year, Jingdong and the Tmall super cake around the quarrelsome lovers online are described under the foot work. Whether the merger, or to optimize the experience, or increase the price promotions, Jingdong and Tmall implemented a number of tit for tat action, if the business layout just in recruiting, then both sides have put forward "to do business the first" goal, sounded the war horn attack. Yesterday, Jingdong supermarket foreign claims, and strive to become within three years, including online, offline Chinese business in the field of absolute absolute sales, market share and consumer satisfaction first. And in a month ago, Tmall, general manager of the Bank of the river, said so far, Tmall supermarket has been the first online supermarket, and will reach the scale of one hundred billion yuan in three years, becoming the largest online and offline stores. As the saying goes, a difficult mountain god, now Jingdong and Tmall said they were to become the first in three years, that the reign of terror is afraid also can hardly be avoided. The first super battle data show that by 2020, the overall market value of Chinese online supermarket market will reach about $180 billion, while at the supermarket department store online penetration of less than 7%, which shows that there is still a huge potential for growth. Thus, online super large blocks of fat, naturally attracted many wolves to covet, but this fat is not easy, high cost so many competitors out or stop exit. The rest, only Jingdong, Tmall giants. In June 20th, the Jingdong announced that it had reached the depth of strategic cooperation with WAL-MART, WAL-MART will acquire a 5% stake in the Jingdong, and the Jingdong will shop No. 1 under income in August last year, the Jingdong has invested; Yonghui supermarket 4 billion 310 million yuan, and 10% of the shares Yonghui supermarket. Whether it is the acquisition of 1 stores, or shares Yonghui supermarket, it seems, is the Jingdong in the super strategic campaign preparation. Insiders said that the store 1 years of accumulated experience in the operation of the supermarket category and consumer groups, in the supermarket category in the short board of Jingdong value. And WAL-MART to cooperate in a long time, Ali group announced the appointment of the river as general manager of the supermarket, Tmall, vice president of Alibaba group. The bank who is? He was born in WAL-MART China, served as director of operations in West China, WAL-MART, director of operations in Central China, the central store sales operations planning department, vice president of WAL-MART china. The river just took office, it was announced that Tmall supermarket is the first online supermarket, and will become the largest online and offline stores within three years. However, the "first river" by the rival Jingdong against a signature is a Jingdong of the supermarket marketing staff "author" Jingdong released by Tmall supermarket supermarket staff Mr. river a letter ", questioned the river" proposed by Tmall supermarket has grown into the largest, imported goods the largest, fastest and most users of the online supermarket ". However, due to operational data outside of the two sides have not informed, so this loudspeaker finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. However, after the challenge in the mouth, the two sides of the.相关的主题文章: