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Advertising Ill be starting this section by talking about the source of our dis.fort—high humidity. Yes, its humidity. The body cools itself by sweating (this is a fact). High humidity reduces the evaporation of moisture, deterring the bodys function to cool itself. From exhaustion to dehydration to stroke, these are a few of the concerns when summer arrives. The National Weather Service prompts alert measures with a heat index when probable hazardous circumstances exist. Said organization also provides sun protective behaviors, suggesting what items of clothing to wear and what time of the day exposure is most damaging. With the scorching heat waiting outside, people have no recourse but to spend more time indoors with their air condition units (a/c) cranked-up to its maximum. Living in an apartment or condominium unit, there are rules to be followed and more often than not, installing a/c window units are not allowed. Not unless your unit already has an opening where the a/c may be mounted. And if there is a cavity, wall air conditioner installation costs a lot. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you have sufficient knowledge with regard the electrical and pipe connections. There is nothing worst than buying new equipment that gets damaged before its actual usage. With depreciation creeping, proper maintenance of wall a/c is required. Monthly filter change is advised to remove unwanted dust particles. Also, annual check-up of the whole unit, including condensing coils, need be done to prolong the usage of your a/c. But for those who are regulated by the HA (Homeowners Association), there is still an option—the portable air condition unit. With this, you can easily move your a/c from one place to another. Its like an a/c in wheels! There are various styles and types of portable a/c; there are units that need several draining, units that need to be set up in close proximity to the window and units that need to be hammered because they are too noisy. Make certain that you do not make the same mistake of buying the noisy kind. Note that the lower the dB (decibel) level, the less noise the unit will create. Also, look for a unit that is self-evaporating or one that has a built-in pump. With this feature, it will reduce the need to drain and drain and drain. If you are more inclined to an energy saving unit, try canvassing for one that has a higher EER (Energy Efficiency Rating). Basically, this is how portable a/c works: it converts electricity into cold air. Unfortunately, said process produces much heat — this heat must be expelled through ventilation, if not, hot air will be circulating around the room. This is the reason why the portable a/c must be situated near the window to force hot air out. When you buy a portable a/c unit, it .es with an easy to install kit. Actually, the only thing that needs to be installed is the ventilation hose and this does not require the type of expensive installation necessary for central air conditioning units. But with the inevitable brownouts and blackouts—there is always the reliable fan (operated manually, of course) or the natural breeze or shade supplied by Mother Nature herself. How about a quick splash in the beach? Just make sure that you have the basics—sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats and a pair of sunglasses. People have to realize that .fort need not always be bought. And every so often, nature—with her generosity —- provides us with that coveted feeling. For more information, check out this site on air condition units . Sheryll Cross is a web copywriter for a web design .pany associated with an air condition units .pany in Florida. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: