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Kim Hee Chul tricks Li Fei’Er Koi couple very enchanted Sea Express Sohu entertainment Koi beach couple   Sohu entertainment news is the latest in the end if love, say. In looking forward to the next stage before launch, let us review the journey of love sweet couple koi. Kim Hee Chul personally drove Li Fei’Er to his hometown in Gangwon. Two people full of pink bubble minor car. To say that people with Kim Hee Chul as the acme of perfection sweet talked girlfriend Li Fei’Er Kung fu. Let’s draw on Kim Hee Chul to teach you say love". 1 "did you see the sea? When I see the sea, I think of your eyes". 2 "do you look pretty? Oh, I’m not talking about the sea, I mean you. "" 3 "my girlfriend is Li Fei’Er -" how, is not full of heart, boyfriend force max? The copilot Li Fei’Er is surprised to shy face, like the heart of a maiden in plop jump. Before the couple was very Koi with a husband and wife, the period to be recognized once again, be like two people is really worthy of the name of husband and wife, perhaps this is doomed to the fate. Kim Hee Chul prepared to take a photo of the sea, was suddenly behind the embrace of Li Fei’Er, said that it was a momentary feeling of the heart of the feeling of the. Kim Hee Chul seems to have been captured by the heart of Li Fei’Er, instantly feel the heart beat it! Full of love and romantic pink bubble in this period if you love, if you haven’t read it, seize the time to open the video from the feelings of the couple’s sweet love seckill koi!相关的主题文章: