Kindergarten pattern writing throughout the word baffled parents (Figure)

Kindergarten pattern writing throughout the word baffled parents (Figure) mail screenshot January 28th, in small Keqiao District Kindergarten Center on the Tong Tong, a letter back home from school, that is the principal of my mother’s holiday gift. Open the letter to see Tongtong mother immediately "dizzy". "This is the picture, the numbers, the letters. Is it the legend of Mars?"." My mother will be back in the glowing open, did not understand the meaning of. Subsequently, she sent this strange letter to his WeChat friend circle, attracted the attention and discussion of friends. A pattern is more than the text of the adorable letter this letter, some graphics, very simple words, for example at the beginning of only two words, "" and "you", the other is a lip, a heart of love, two kids, a door and a thumb together means, "dear little friends, you are good!" When you see this, most of the parents know it, but the text of the letter seems to be "profound". The first line, an airplane, a smiling face, a monkey, a string of firecrackers…… Basically, it’s made up of patterns. It’s really difficult to string these patterns into words. "Aircraft with smiley face", is it fast meaning? What does that monkey mean to add firecrackers?" CNR father initially saw the letter confused, carefully read a few times, it was a little physical inventory of ideas. The parents of the children who have received the letter have said that they need to see the translation given by the principal, so that they can understand the letter. The reporter also tried to look at the original guess, this letter repeated two pattern most is a "fork", and a "telescope", "Wang" is a homonym for "forget", it is not difficult to understand, it should be "do not forget", every paragraph is used "don’t forget" at the beginning, this letter is probably the principal write to remind kids something. This letter is the language of the children, parents are not able to understand, the children can read the letter? Your mom said that she and the children compared with patterns together, read the letter, did not expect to go down, the children will be able to read their own! Zhejiang Province special teachers, district center kindergarten Chen Yan said, in such a special way to express the wishes and expectations of children, mainly for three reasons, first is the way a child, for a child, heard the words are easy to forget, the figure and symbols they can understand to express, can not only make children impressed, but they also can often take out the aftertaste; secondly, with professional perspective to guide parents, so that parents can also have the opportunity to read the language of children learn to slowly approached the child, the child is finally understand; humanistic care education full of warmth and warm silently. Chen Yan said she believed that this letter would leave warmth in the hearts of her children, and perhaps after years of thinking about it, they would still smile. A letter is small, but if we continue to bring warmth and surprise for the children, his life will be happy in the warm forward. The translation of the letter is as follows: the letter from the principal’s mother to the child, dear little 5

幼儿园园长用图案写信 通篇无字难倒家长(图) 信件截图   1月28日,在柯桥区中心幼儿园上小班的彤彤,放学回家带回了一封信,说是园长妈妈给的寒假礼物。拆开这封信一看,彤彤的妈妈立马就“晕”了。   “这又是图画,又是数字,又是字母的,难道是传说中的火星文。”彤彤妈妈将背面的翻译文打开,这才看懂了意思。随后,她将这封奇特的信发到了自己的微信朋友圈,引来了好友们的关注和议论。   一封图案比文字还多的萌信   这封信里,有些图形、文字很简单,例如开头只有两个字,“的”和“你”,其余是一个嘴唇、一颗爱心、两个小朋友、一扇门和一个大拇指,连起来的意思就是,“亲爱的小朋友,你们好!”看到这句,大部分的家长还都认识,但信的正文就显得“高深”了。   正文第一行,一架飞机、一张笑脸、一只猴子、一串鞭炮……基本上都是由图案组成的,要把这些图案串联成文字,确实挺有难度的。“飞机加笑脸,难道是飞快的意思?那猴子加鞭炮又是什么意思?”晨晨爸爸最初看到这封信一头雾水,仔仔细细地读了好几遍,这才稍微理清点思路。   收到信的小班小朋友的家长纷纷表示,需要看了园长给出的翻译,才能把信看懂。   记者也试着看原文进行猜测,这封信里反复出现最多的两个图案就是一个“叉”,还有一个“望远镜”,“望”的谐音是“忘”,不难理解,应该是“不要忘了”的意思,每段话都是用“不要忘了”开头,这封信大概是园长写来提醒小朋友一些事情的。   这样的信,是小朋友的语言   家长们不太能理解,那小朋友们能看懂信吗?彤彤的妈妈表示,她和孩子对比着图案一起读信,没想到一遍下来,孩子就能自己读信啦!   浙江省特级教师、区中心幼儿园园长陈宴说,用这样特殊的方式来对孩子表达祝福与期望,主要是出于三方面的原因,首先是用孩子的方式来表达,对于孩子来说,听过的话语是容易忘记的,用他们所看得懂的图、符号来表达,不仅能让孩子印象深刻,而且他们还可以经常拿出来回味;其次,用专业的视角来引导家长,让家长也能有机会去读孩子的语言,学会慢慢走近孩子,理解孩子;最后是让教育充满默默的温情和暖暖的人文关怀。   陈宴说,她坚信,这封信一定会在孩子的心中留下温暖,也许多年后偶尔想起这件事,他们仍会会心一笑。一封信虽小,但如果我们不停地为孩子带去温暖和惊喜,他的人生就会在温暖中幸福前行。   信的“译文”如下:   园长妈妈给小朋友的信   亲爱的小朋友:   你们好!快乐的猴年马上就要到了,寒假生活开始啦!园长妈妈要和你们做一些约定:别忘了走出空调房,亲亲太阳,做运动!别忘了看到长辈和朋友,问声好!别忘了保护自己很重要,危险的事不能做!别忘了多看书,少看电视,少玩手机!别忘了收拾玩具,整理衣裤,自己的事情自己做!别忘了外出旅游做客时,拍一些照片,把心情画下来,开学后跟大家分享!最后,祝你们新年快乐!   爱你们的园长妈妈:陈宴 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: