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Kyrgyzstan Office of the president: the president of the country health fair – Beijing, Beijing, September 20, according to Russian media reports, the president of the Kyrgyzstan office director Farid Niyazov said that the president of Kyrgyzstan Buick almaz Atambayev physical condition can, under the doctor observation. Niyazov said: "the president is health. He is being examined by a doctor." But Niyazov declined to comment on the news of the Turkey media about the hospital in which Atambayev appeared to be in a hospital in Turkey, Izmir. Kyrgyzstan’s presidential press service on September 20th announced that due to the deterioration of health conditions, Atambayev use short-term work holidays for physical examination. In September 19th there was news that Atambayev was unable to attend the seventy-first General Assembly of the United Nations in New York because of heart problems, and Kyrgyzstan’s foreign minister, Abdel Daev, led the delegation to the United Nations General assembly. Earlier, when asked whether the Moscow Kremlin to grasp the health of the president of Kyrgyzstan news, Russian presidential press secretary Per Skov said: there is no news. We wish him a speedy recovery."相关的主题文章: