Land storage defects CHINT electric appliance reorganization of the illegal occupation of the area w winpm

For the flaws in CHINT electric restructuring targets illegal land was reported to sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you make you take an illegal entry can make you my land flaws in CHINT you were informed of the reorganization of the subject of Wu Kezhong in September 8th, Zhejiang CHINT electric Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "CHINT". 601877.SH) announced that the Audit Commission, the company issued shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transactions through conditional. According to the restructuring plan, the price of 9 billion 400 million yuan acquisition of CHINT Electric Holdings of the controlling shareholder of CHINT group, Zhejiang CHINT New Energy Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "CHINT new energy") the direct and indirect interests 100%. China business newspaper reporter was informed that, in the above CHINT new energy assets, some of the project land ownership defects. Among them, the two phase of the project in Gansu, Yongchang, due to illegal occupation of public welfare forests were informed of the State Forestry Administration, and so far failed to obtain the relevant formalities 100MW. Multiple site defects to be solved by the end of 2015, CHINT has accumulated a total investment of new energy photovoltaic power plant 2500MW, is expected in the next 5 years, only the country will achieve the annual increase in installed capacity of 1000MW. However, the scale of the expansion of the new energy plant in the back of CHINT, part of the problem of the existence of defects in the land of the project has not yet been resolved. In May 20th this year, the Commission has restructuring plan for the CHINT electric appliances bursts of 37 questions, part of the land and property ownership certificate of CHINT new energy management, inquiries and raise investment project construction schedule, the performance of the underlying asset. In August 12th, CHINT electric on the reply said: "as of the issue date of reply, has grid power plant in the occupation of land is for land use warrants of land totaling 4, a total area of about 4420 acres, accounting for CHINT new energy total land area (including the component manufacturing factory, grid power plant power plants under construction, and office to 8.32%, including Gansu Heqing) Yongchang County beach two 100MW grid connected photovoltaic power generation projects are in the process of land use right of the land area of 3988 mu, accounting for CHINT new energy and its domestic subsidiaries use the total land area of 7.50%". Reporters learned that CHINT new energy Gansu Yongchang the two phase of the project due to the disagreement in the forestry sector defined concept, the scope of forest land and land departments, the occupation of land in the forestry sector has been identified as the national forest. Therefore, the project can not handle the land for a long time. In December 2013, the State Forestry Bureau was informed of the project, said the project since May 2012, did not apply for the occupation of forest land expropriation procedures, audit (batch) in Yongchang County, the illegal occupation of national public forest land 62.9534 hectares. CHINT securities representative Pan Hao said in response to an interview with reporters, the land claims in the announcement of the above has been written clearly, things are still advancing, if there is progress will be announced. August 1st, according to the Yongchang County Land Bureau issued on the Yongchang CHINT photovoltaic theory相关的主题文章: