Las Vegas Helicopters Deliver Thrills, Fun And Adventure In The Grand

UnCategorized Have you ever wanted to see the Grand Canyon from a vantage point that regular tours simply don’t offer? Then you should take a Las Vegas helicopter tour. The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, and it is around 150 miles from Vegas. When you take a helicopter tour from Vegas you’ll be at the canyon in only 45 minutes. These tours are available in different packages that .e with various activities, so you can select the tour that includes the things you enjoy doing the most. You can tour the top of the rim, fly to the canyon floor, and even enjoy a Champagne lunch. If you opt to take one of the canyon flights that includes a landing package, you could even enjoy a relaxing boat ride along the Colorado River. Imagine disembarking from your thrilling helicopter tour to then hop on board a pontoon boat to see the canyon from the Colorado River. It’s a fantastic experience you will always remember. See Awesome Views From The Grand Canyon Skywalk The canyon floor offers amazing views and boat rides, but the top of the rim has the world-famous Skywalk. There’s a package that includes Skywalk tickets, and you’ll have two hours to take in the sights before you head back to Las Vegas. If you’re taking one of these packages it gives you the perfect opportunity to check out Eagle and Guano points. Basic Tour Or Deluxe Tour? There are two options when you’re considering a helicopter tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. The first is basic, where you’ll save money at the cost of convenience and .fort, and then there’s the deluxe tour options. One difference between the tours is the basic tours take off from Boulder City, which is a half-hour shuttle ride away from the Strip. The deluxe tours, on the other hand, take off from the Strip, and you’ll even get transported to and from the airfield in a limo. Since the helicopters lift off from the Strip, you get a spectacular view of the lights and glitz of Vegas as part of your tour. So even though you will pay more for a deluxe tour, the cost is worth it. Because these tours are in high demand it pays to book in early, so make sure that you book at least a week ahead of time. The deluxe tours are better because they use advanced sightseeing helicopters designed to provide the best viewing experience possible, plus, when you book a morning flight, the flying conditions and visibility are as good as it gets. In addition to booking early, you want to buy your seats online on the tour .pany’s website so you can get the lowest rate, you might be able to save up to 35 percent off the usual price of the tour you want. Amazing Aerial Views Of The Grand Canyon There’s really no better way to experience the Grand Canyon than with Vegas helicopters. Always remember that the deluxe tour packages offer better value, and convenience that you won’t get with a basic tour. Book early, and always book online, avoiding the travel agents in Las Vegas who are well known for inflating tour prices. Taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon is an exhilarating experience you’ll never, so start planning your trip now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: