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Interior-Decorating These Mattresses are made of the sap of a Hevea also known as a Rubber Tree. The best rubber trees used for manufacturing Latex are growing in Sri Lanka and the first mattress made of latex was made in 1926, using the Dunlop method. As time goes by the Latex Mattresses are conquering more and more of the worlds mattress market bringing the best sleep .fort to the customers. The first classification of natural Latex Mattresses is based on what kind of processes are used in the manufacturing of the Latex itself. There are two methods for producing the core of these mattresses. The first method as I previously mentioned is called Dunlop and the other method is called Talalay. The Dunlop Latex besides the fact that is the first type of natural latex, there are some other very important facts that I want to share with you. Dunlop process includes putting the collected sap of the rubber tree into a separation machine called centrifuge. The centrifuge is used for draining the liquids out from the latex. After this process the latex is poured in moulds and then the latex is prepared for baking. Once the latex is baked, the whole process is .pleted. The final product is Dunlop latex with firmer bottom. The Talalay process includes a little bit more .plicated sub processes than the Dunlop. Also this method is relatively newer .paring to the previously described. After the latex is poured in, the moulds that are included in this process are hermetically sealed airtight. Next, the whole air from the latex is sucked out of the mould by vacuum sucking system that is installed in the mould. The next sub process is called flash freezing. It is the last sub process that stabilises the material and finalises the whole process of creating Talalay latex. One great advantage of Talalay Mattresses is their variety of firmness that they .e in, because every person needs a different level of firmness of its mattress. On the other hand the Dunlop Latex Mattresses are perfect option if you want a firmer mattress. Also because of the bigger .plexity of manufacturing the Talalay, they are more expensive than the Dunlop and this is their only major disadvantage. According to these facts the most important conclusion you can get is that there is no ultimate winner in the Talalay vs. Dunlop match; that depends on you because you are the referee when talking about your sleeping .fort. My advice is to try both types of Latex Mattresses and choose the level of firmness according to your needs alone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: