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Self-Improvement The Law of Allowance, or Allowing, states that as long as your heart is open, it can receive. This law not only applies to others, and allowing them to be who they are, but also applies to us. We must be able to allow ourselves to be who we are. The first factor of the Law of Allowance is not passing judgment on others. When do so, we are not allowing them to be who they are, but rather subjugating them to our own opinions. Once this has happened, not only have we placed ourselves above them, but we have also experienced negative emotions. The emotions we house in ourselves skew the rest of our reality. One way to look at this is to view emotions as tints that influence the colors we use to paint our lives. When we use positive emotions, our painting ends up being more and more positive; on the other hand, when we use negative emotions, we inevitably tint our life painting with negativity. When we experience what many refer to as a rut in the road, we have put off positive energy, but have remained closed to further positive energy .ing into out lives. What has happened is, to continue with the painting metaphor, we have met a positive with a negative, therefore neutralizing our color pallet. Under this principle, you can still hope, but not expect, as God tells us to do when we pray. The key to remember is that when you focus on building up a wall to keep the undesirable out, that wall still exists when the desirable wants in. So, the trick is to trust in the possibility, and hope for the inevitability. What this also means, is that we must allow ourselves as well as others to take responsibility for their own lives, and not pass judgment. Moreover, allowance is different from tolerance, because with the latter, judgment was passed but an exception was made. According to the Law of Allowance, in order to allow positives in, they must be met and attracted by other positives. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: