Lenovo Motorola layoffs hundreds of people responded that adjust the smart phone business qqzb.cc

Lenovo and Motorola layoffs of hundreds of people responded: intelligent adjustment of sina’s mobile phone business technology news Beijing time on September 27th morning news, DroidLife website quoted two sources said, Lenovo has just carried out hundreds of employees of Motorola. The layoffs accounted for more than half of Motorola’s remaining employees. Sina science and technology on the matter to ask Lenovo Group, responded that, today announced an organization to optimize the program, because the program is affected by less than one thousand employees, mainly in overseas. The plan is related to the strategic integration of Lenovo and Motorola’s smartphone business continuity. Prior to a source said that Lenovo will cut off the remaining 1200 employees of Motorola’s more than and 700 people, and told them to lay off employees will take effect within a day. At least one Motorola employee confirmed the news on Facebook. The employee said he had worked in Motorola for more than 20 years, and the last working day will be this Friday. He revealed that Lenovo is moving more business operations to china. The source also said that over the past two years, Lenovo is increasingly taking such a model. The source also said that internal rumors that the association is likely to be transferred to the rest of Chicago Motorola employees in North Carolina, the United States is the headquarters of the United states. However, Motorola has denied the rumors, saying the company’s headquarters will remain in Chicago. A year ago, Lenovo on Motorola 200 layoffs, and in the past few months have laid off 500 people. In the fierce competition in the market, Motorola’s smart phone business is difficult to restore to its previous position, the company’s remaining staff is not much. Motorola executives, such as former president Rick Osterloh (Rick) and others have left. Motorola confirmed the latest round of layoffs news. Lenovo’s announcement shows that the layoffs accounted for less than 55 thousand of Lenovo’s global workforce of 2%, is part of the ongoing strategic integration between Lenovo and Motorola smartphone business". Lenovo will further adjust the organizational structure, optimize product lines, so as to better participate in the global smart phone market". Motorola said, absolutely committed to Chicago, the company will not move. (Qiu Yue) Lenovo group responded as follows: Lenovo Group today announced an organization optimization program, because the program affected employees less than a thousand people, mainly in overseas. The plan is related to the strategic integration of Lenovo and Motorola’s smartphone business continuity. Lenovo will further optimize the organization, improve efficiency, enhance innovation. Recently, Lenovo launched the epoch-making modular mobile Moto Z, leading the development direction of mobile phones and smart devices. At the same time, Lenovo is also being adjusted in other business areas, continue to control costs, improve efficiency and enhance the overall performance. Lenovo will continue to work to ensure long-term profitability growth in various businesses.相关的主题文章: