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Let Mario run into iPhone, Nintendo play what abacus? – Sohu technology on Wednesday in the apple conference, Nintendo design master, the father of Mario Miyamoto Shige Shigeru Miyamoto to announce a message beyond all expectations: the latest Nintendo Mobile Games "super Mario run" (Super Mario Run) will be the exclusive landing App Store. "Super Mario Run" and other Parkour game and not much difference, its main characteristic is the single hand operation, but also double PK, while supporting the networked world. Of course, due to inherent in the "Mario ring" and "Nintendo halo", then, it will undoubtedly become one of the most popular Parkour game App Store. "Super Mario Run has the potential to recapture people’s attention to Poké mon Go." Over the past few years, Nintendo’s investors have been urging it to enter the hand travel industry. And why Nintendo finally decided at this time will "Mario" into the iPhone? "Nintendo" is a familiar and unfamiliar name for many people. Many of the company’s original games are bearing the memories of our childhood, Mario, Tetris, these games accompany us to spend a large part of childhood entertainment time. Mario is wearing a dress and big red hat. He can run, jump, and gold, and save the princess. We also know that a red and white machine, a gold card to handle, often blowing, the game interesting. When it comes to red and white machine (NES), this is the first generation of home consoles issued by Nintendo Co. Since the introduction in 2003 to stop production in 1983, global shipments of 62 million 910 thousand units. According to foreign media data, in 1990, 30% of U.S. households have NES host. Through the "Atari Shock" led to the Great Depression of the gaming industry in the United States, nes has established modern gaming industry system, Nintendo became the founder of the modern games industry, established the modern electronic gaming standards in many ways. However, although Nintendo has the original game software development capabilities and IP strong star appeal, but also to conceal the generation of home sales slump in WiiU platform. WiiU host sluggish sales have become a stumbling block to any exclusive game development, due to the lack of third party developers to support sales of hardware is low, and the lack of hardware sales also let Nintendo’s lack of enthusiasm to continue the development of WiiU exclusive games, it has formed a vicious spiral. Continue to launch exclusive game console hardware with the rapid upgrade in hardware performance now has little significance, with a traditional, performance is strong enough for the other host PC hardware game player already enough. Nintendo only need to play their own original software development capabilities and powerful star IP is sufficient to promote the cause of the game following the total相关的主题文章: