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Li Keqiang and the Chinese and foreign top hit off a "brainstorming"   – Chongqing channel — from the outside, this room is located in Shenzhen city Shenzhen Bay Business Plaza is very common, with a white tarpaulin Aluminum Alloy skeleton outside. On the afternoon of October 12th, this room is blowing up a small hit off the storm". Apple Corp chief executive Tim Cook, Ma Yun, chairman of the Alibaba? Group Tencent Inc chairman Ma Huateng, chairman of the German iF Design Award Committee Ralph? 87 of the top 12 countries and regions including Wiegman hit off in this together. With a fashionable saying, "you can think of and unexpected hit off the big coffee came". The national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week (hereinafter referred to as "double week") started the day in Shenzhen, foreign media commented that the double week "global The Brain" gathered in Shenzhen, the city is a "hit off the tide". Premier Li Keqiang presided over the creation of the Chinese and foreign leaders forum undoubtedly the most ideological content. Detailed public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, response network about cars and other livelihood concerns, promised that the government will continue to create a favorable environment for the management of. More than an hour, Li Keqiang and global hit off the big coffee are a "brainstorming", created a "feast of wisdom". "Public entrepreneurship peoples innovation in the land China rise can be said to be ‘born’" Ma Yun "on the China realistic thinking deeply summed up Ma Huateng" very exciting "to describe Cook, come straight to the point that" very excited and support ", Chinese Aerospace Science and Industry Group Chairman Gao Hongwei has used a string" good, parallelism hugs and expectations". Let the Chinese and foreign top makers by common consent point of praise, it is the prime minister Li Keqiang two years ago proposed the "public entrepreneurship, innovation". At the forum, Li Keqiang explained in detail the reasons for the reform. "Public entrepreneurship peoples innovation in Chinese land boom can be said to be" born "." He said that since the 2008 global financial crisis, the global economy is still weak recovery in the shadow of the crisis caused by wandering. It also gives the world a new challenge: how to promote the recovery of the world economy as soon as possible? "Human beings are wise enough to deal with the challenges and turn them into opportunities, which brings us to a word called innovation." Li Keqiang said. In fact, this is also the consensus of the participants. Apple Corp to technology innovation leader known, its CEO Cook told the Prime Minister: "innovation is to promote economic prosperity and promote one of the most important initiatives of human progress, will naturally get enthusiastic support." Wei Gorman is Ralph? From the design point of view, pointed out the importance of innovation. The red dot design award, which was founded by the iF Design Awards organizing committee, is known as "design Oscar" in the field of international industrial design. Li Keqiang went on to say that innovation is not a new word, has been in use for many years in many areas, but in the current international economic environment, in particular, need to promote innovation and entrepreneurship combined. "The combination of innovation and entrepreneurship and the masses, in fact, is to respect everyone’s wisdom and respect相关的主题文章: