Li Rebecca I don’t care about the dissolution of SMAP, I only care about Takuya Kimura bleep

Li Rebecca: I don’t care about the dissolution of SMAP, I only care about Takuya Kimura, some time ago, the circle of friends is the Olympic topic in addition to the baby, and I am the only a few "rival" in order to dissolve the SMAP sigh with emotion the end of an era. Yeah, I was exposed to age. When I was in the words of SMAP type circle of friends is relentlessly laughed: "you are still concerned about the old idol snatch." What makes people sad is that there are a lot of comments on micro-blog Why haven’t you heard it?. I see quite angrily. Fortunately for me, as long as Kimura is still on the line. Don’t mess with me. After all, I mainly play powder. Although I am very low profile, but still often laughed at the people around me. Eight Jun also said: the day I found you, really is on the wooden village news will turn, no matter how unfamiliar people send him related things, you will magically suddenly ran to the point of praise ~ amount. Such a thought, even in my kingdom, Kaneshiro Takeshi wrote on the number, what is the reason I just silently in other people’s article below the point of praise? He must write an article for himself. After all, Kimura is a miracle that can’t be copied. Yes, that is a miracle, he is a miracle of school age. Even in the mature entertainment industry in Japan, Kimura is a unique presence. Although the love he is from chasing "love paper" began, but the real lay men of God "running in my mind, Mu Cun iron status, because the" long vacation ". Remember the "long vacation", this scene played by actor Kimura Yamaguchi Tomoko to the casual visitor to open the door? At that time, he was a simple open the door action, the change is not just the drama of two people’s lives. It may be a bit too much to say that a play can influence a generation, but for me, it is a way to reshape my values and ways of life. Big to the view of life, to the man’s aesthetic, to fall in love with the way, to have their own house in the living room and friends sitting on the sofa chatting and drinking beer, all because he. Well, this is a nostalgic night, let us work together to open the door of memory — he’s SMAP ratings miracle disbanded, a circle of friends by Kimura Shuabing because "long holiday" 20 anniversary. A drama in 20 years, still very obsessed, people talked about memories of its plot, lines, absolutely is the oratorio. Even if you haven’t seen the drama, presumably also saw this dialogue: Yes, was brought up to "struggle hard" me, but also because this drama was realized for the first time, you will have all the time in the sprint, when not very well as a holiday like this ~ drama is the 1996 ratings winner, historical ratings ranked fifth, with an average of 29.5%, the finale ratings of 36.7%, was the pinnacle of drama. A lot of people rely on a song, a movie, a play can be mixed in the entertainment industry for ten years, twenty years. Kimura is not only the miracle of the "long holiday". ]相关的主题文章: