Li Sheng on Gold crude oil challenge 50 is not a dream, gold rebounded by 1342 empty

Li Sheng on Gold: crude challenge 50 is not a dream, gold rebounded by the first empty Sina fund exposure platform: the letter Phi behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Trade, half is memory, half is to continue. Butterfly pupa before learning to wait, investment admission to learn to wait. Will buy the apprentice, will sell is the master. Two times the price of gold rally failed to break 1352 highs, finally ushered in a sustained decline in the U.S., especially the 1342 original Powei break this pseudo up strong support. Bad data triggered fell on Thursday, the Asia Europe plate gold almost no large fluctuations in the past few days on shock, sideways and patience, wait and see the word frequency estimation, the keyboard on these word letters are fuzzy it before the U.S. disc is not much fluctuation, but the morning to arrange a 134748 the empty single. All the time, until the U.S. time, why the disc bottom plate, seemingly rising continue, but no application to do the formula down 1344, but insisted on empty 134748 of the reason is very simple, 1375 and 1367 of this trend line has not broken bits, signs of withdrawal, and daily after Yang pulled correction of the second bars, generally increased by three at least in the third step variable or force, but not in yesterday, while Europe plate up but not too high of 1352.5 position, this is the reason to hold empty single fell to 1336. In addition, jobless before the value of 263 thousand, the market is expected to 265 thousand, announced the value is 259 thousand, slightly better than the previous value and the expected, the more determined the bearish gold and silver, gold is difficult to overnight highs, should absolutely not fall much, but after the break through 1350, not broken can not have much idea. The European Central Bank, the euro rose gold cold field sound this time, let alone the tension is the European central bank interest rate decision on the final results, show interest rates unchanged, did not bring much influence to the market and the impulse. Secondly, after instant attention to interest rates announced one person from the European Central Bank President Delaki, that is, in the United States after the news conference, Delaki and not too surprising words from the previous round, only the doves to the Hawks, led to the euro refresh nearly two weeks of record highs, and gold is not too big change. No morning Powei counter, top and bottom conversion is the key overnight, the price of gold since 1348 above the persistent decline, some people think that in 1342 is a support, but Li Sheng strongly advise the first time in 1342 to support second times, is a trap. Do not go here, the results have been down to 1336 in the morning, and the target to the point of no difference to the 1348. However, after the price is 1342 Powei, too large counter, has been at the bottom of the weak until closing, so today it is a top and bottom conversion, before the above 1342 has been finishing concussion, after the broken bits will generally go a retracement confirmed that the first retracement will become the key point of pressure, the resistance of the on相关的主题文章: