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Loving show wonderful! Mark: eat Gao Yuanyuan’s Taiwan – Sohu didn’t slobber cavity entertainment Gao Yuanyuan and Mark in the November 2014 wedding of   in Taiwan; Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Mark interview the day before, too little time to sigh, no way to accompany the family. I asked cross-strait differences, he said the most obvious is the actor’s performance rhythm is not the same, most work to overcome is to read the lines and dialogue, "if a Taiwan accent is easy to say play, seen too many" thought would succeed but failed people "." He joked that he was able to overcome the accent problem, eat too much (Gao Yuanyuan) saliva should be bad!" He suggested that if you want to enter the mainland market: must be aware, singing or acting have to make great efforts to progress, because there will always be 2, 300 more handsome than you." How about the marriage of the parents of filial piety, Mark’s wife Gao Yuanyuan often thanks in his busy shooting in China, went to Taipei to visit her in laws. Gao Yuanyuan is the mainland entertainment famous filial daughter, Zhao said: "we are because of family values, filial piety concept is similar, so close." Zhao will accompany Gao Yuanyuan back to Beijing to visit his father-in-law, he admitted to each before to several topics, because the father is a senior engineer, thinking belongs to the "standard of science", once Zhao just photographed a stall from the scene, took the opportunity to ask: "father you feel the plane fall when my body for passengers, should be poured forward or backward?" The 2 men had a heated discussion at the dinner table. Both parents will be anxious to embrace sun? Mark said he and Gao Yuanyuan’s love for children, is also looking forward to the new life coming, but it does not want to have children as a liability, "child has his independent life, we are all looking forward to, but not for the sake of filial piety." He is on both sides around the clock work day will temporarily come to an end, a relaxed and said there was no drama, will go back to Canada with his family home to rest for several months to enlarge false, his face said: "happiness and family sitting at the table drinking coffee, watching the sea, great!"相关的主题文章: