Making Your Dreams .e True Through

Music Who knew a poor child from a broken home would be.e one of the most famous singers and choreographers of all time? At the age of four, after seeing Gene Kelly perform \"Singing in the Rain\" on television, Paula Abdul began dreaming about a career in song and dance. She began taking ballet lessons when she was only seven years old. Her mother knew nothing about it, and the lessons were provided free of charge in exchange for cleaning the floors and mirrors of the dance studio. Paula Abdul began choreographing musicals before she took her first dance class. When she was five years old, she conducted childhood friends from her condominium, inviting the adults to see the show. While her mother was cooking, Paula would practice her moves by holding onto the kitchen sink. Her mother was always encouraging, but in a tough sort of way. Her mother would remind Paula of the heartache she had seen while working as a personal assistant to Billy Wilder. Girls\’ dreams were frequently shattered. Paula knew if she was to be successful, she\’d have to find success on her own. During high school, Paula Abdul was accepted to Juilliard on a dance scholarship, but after one trip to New York, she knew that wasn\’t the life she wanted to lead. She wanted to dance, but she couldn\’t get a job unless she had an agent. She was teaching cheerleading camps, so she decided to try out for the Los Angeles Lakers\’ Cheerleading Squad, even though she didn\’t have the body of a typical cheerleader. Nearly 1000 showed up for Laker Girl auditions. Against all odds, not only was Paula Abdul was chosen for one of only 12 spots, but in her rookie season, she was asked to take over and form a dance squad. In no time, season ticket holders saw the changes and began calling Paula for corporate events. Paula Abdul went on to choreograph for movies and music. She started out with a movie called \"Can\’t Buy Me Love,\" and when she was only 17 years old, she began working with the Jackson Five. Paula received choreography awards choreographing the musical groups ZZ Top and Duran Duran. In turn, she worked with almost all of the big-name artists of the time choreographing their tours, videos, and live performances. Paula Abdul finally got to work with her idol Gene Kelly during the last two years of his life. At the same time, she choreographed the Academy Awards and received an Emmy nomination. In secret, not wanting to give up her day job as a choreographer, Paula began making her mark on recording industry only to be.e a superstar all over again. One of her biggest hits was a song called \"Straight Up.\" After a plane crash in 1995, Paula Abdul disappeared for a while so she could focus on her health and rehabilitation of injuries. Today, Paula can be seen right along side Simon Cowell on the hit reality television show \"American Idol\" in which thousands of singers are auditioned down to just one winner. Paula is the judge with a heart who gives constructive criticism in a positive way. She also wrote the foreword of the book \"Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul.\" About the Author: 相关的主题文章: