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Experience Memorable And Exciting Bachelorette Party In Maryland Posted By: nathanhilson

bachelorette party MD Is It Right For Men To Wear Tutus? Posted By: Ashton Field Most people think of women when they think of tutus. They picture prima ballerinas who have worked their entire life to be the center of the stage, wearing a pink tutu and point shoes. They picture an all female cast, and if they do picture men they think of the guys who stand off to the side, only there to help the girls with jumps and other moves. The Trocks have thrown a dance slipper into this image, and have paraded an all male dance troupe around the world, wearing tutus. Trocks is an all male dance troupe that creates comedy dances and shows. This company takes the classical dances, Swan Lake, Nutcracker and others and turns them into comedies. The Trocks throw in fake errors in the show, show dancer colliding and talking with each other. The whole thing is done while most of the men wear tutus and heavy make up to look like women. All in point, this takes years worth of learning beyond men’s normal dance education to achieve and perfect.

men in tutus Turn A Tutu Into An Amazing Ballet Costume With Accessories Posted By: Ashton Field Adding a tutu to any costume adds marvelous whimsy and shows that the wearer has the heart of a child. Go back to the fun and frivolity of your childhood by donning a tutu while dancing and twirling! What woman, who was once a young girl, doesn’t want to revisit her desire to dance, dance, dance as a prima ballerina in a famous show. What young child including boys hasn’t wanted to see what it’s like to let go and prance about in a tutu? It might seem ridiculous but it’s a great deal of fun and very entertaining. Some male dance groups make and art and a living out of it. Imagine the freedom the children of all ages have by not having to bow to society at least once and proudly put on your tutu. With chest out and back straight strut down the street (or to the costume party) and be that dancer! Whether it’s for one night or a dance class recital it’s your chance to shine and be gloriously special. All it takes is courage…and a tutu.

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