Man dashuipiao accidentally threw a hand on the value of 30 thousand after.

Man dashuipiao accidentally threw a hand on the value of 30 thousand and recovered source: Zhejiang online October 3rd holiday for third days, the city of Mr. Xu family members to visit Nanxi River County, in the stone barbecue when he will be in the hands of more than 30 thousand of the value of the old beeswax hand off the water, pinch the first time they seek to rescue the Seahawks County Red Cross the assistance team, finally make beeswax hand. Reporters to the rescue team’s captain and the Seahawks chapter learned that 3 afternoon about 1:40, the Seahawks rescue team received Mr. Xu’s call for help, call themselves in the stone water carelessly worn on the wrist of the beeswax hand into the water. After receiving help, Zhang and immediately to the team members and Thai stone, more than and 40 minutes to reach the destination. To understand the hands of the string after the approximate location of the water, the state and the assignment of a diver into the water search, other players on the shore to do some work with the guidance and. After more than and 20 minutes of searching, the divers finally found Mr. Xu fell into the water on hand, he stood in the water, waving on the hands of the people on the shore shore immediately issued a greeting, applause and cheers, and Mr. Xu, the most happy is the love. The reporter contacted Mr. Xu, he told reporters, on the morning of 3, he went to the county stone barbecue with the wife and kids with friends, then go to a dozen people, everyone is very happy to play some barbecue some. After lunch, Mr. Xu took the children to play "throwing pebbles" game in the water, probably due to excessive force, plus the beeswax hand a little big, Mr. Xu in force at the same time throwing stones placed in the hands of the beeswax hand was also thrown out. At that time, his whole person ignorant to live, I do not know what to do, the heart is lost. This string of beeswax hand with him for three or four years now, the value of 30 thousand yuan, this is to say no, but how good ah? At this time, a Yongjia tour together friend told Mr. Xu, the county has a very powerful rescue team called the Seahawks rescue team, they may be able to help. Mr. Xu said, they take a try called the Seahawks rescue hotline, did not expect the other side reaction speed at once to aid, and put up the speed of beeswax even more incredible, just 20 minutes, it will be properly due to fishing ashore the beeswax. In the face of this surprise, Mr. Xu said he was stunned, unable to express their gratitude in words. Then ask these enthusiastic people to eat a meal they declined, they said these are what they should do, not at all. Anyway, Mr. Xu said I must take time to thank the door.相关的主题文章: