Man scolded the judge wanted to take off before the plane took

The man scolded the judge wanted to go by plane before take-off moment was stopped before 4 pm, Hangzhou City Court Executive Board Secretary Li Jun received a colleague of Gao Jianqiang’s call for help: "we in the implementation of the international blue square was under siege……" Support forces arrived, most of the containment personnel had disappeared, a slightly decadent thin young man sitting on the sofa, legs crossed, with a cigarette. Young man surnamed Luo, 29 years old, he said: "why do I move out? I rented the house. I have a contract!" The judge looked at the lease contract is signed in June this year, and the two houses as early as in 2013 was sealed last year, the court began to implement. "Your contract in the mortgage, seizure, the loss of the landlord to claim, but now must be removed immediately. If you have any objection, you may apply for an application in accordance with the law." Judge Cheng Yufeng countered. "Why did you insult our executive officer?" Li Jun questioned him. "I don’t have! You are the first to call the names of the people, we curse, I have a cell phone recording……" Luo an explanation. Who first call who? Will bring back to the court, Cheng, who will be accompanied by law enforcement recorder screen out. I saw the Luo and a "Beijing guest" to talk about business on the grounds, high requirements for judges and others out, after the Luo and "Beijing guest" is by turns "performance", pointing to the judge, tried to obstruct the execution or even abuse – "can you speak?" "You wear what dog?"…… As long as more than half an hour, the judge always keep calm and restraint, there is no half sentence. Accordingly, the court decided to Luomou and his Beijing guests to be detained. Luo said, "Beijing guest" surnamed Hu, "it’s 7 p.m. tonight 05 minute before leaving Beijing, said the change to 5:30……" At this time is 6 pm! The judge tried to use the mobile phone call Luo Hu, Hu even answer, that he should not change. Thus, the implementation of the arrangements for the deployment of a force to produce legal documents uploaded into the public security linkage with the handling system, the other quickly contact the airport police to help stop humou. 20 minutes later, Cheng and his party to the airport. At 6:45 in the afternoon, when police officers arrived at the airport exit 13, just met just by the airport police brought down from the plane of the "Beijing guest" hu.相关的主题文章: