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1. Scalar measurement – It have only magnitude. For example mass, volume and temperature 2. vector measurement – It has both magnitude and direction. For example Force, velocity. The measurement systems analysis, example problems and practice problems are given below Example problems for measurement systems analysis: Example problem 1: Find the area of measurement the shaded region in Figure, where the boundaries of the region are quadrants of a circle. Take (‘Pi’ " 22/7) Solution: The figure region is that, which remains after cutting away four equal quadrants each of radius 14 cm from a square of side 28 cm. The area of the square = 28 28 = 784 cm2. The area of one quadrant circle = (1/4) * 14 14 = (1/4) (22/7) 14 14 = 154 cm2. Required area of shaded portion = 784 "’ 4(154) = 784 "’ 616 = 168 sq. cm. Example problem 2: Solution: The given figure is the .bination of the rectangle CDFG, the semi circle DEF and the trapezium ABCG. The area of the rectangle CDFG = 28 13 = 364 cm2. The area of the trapezium ABCG = (1/2) * (36 + 28) 14 = 64 7 = 448 cm2. The area of the semi-circle DEF = (1/2) (22/7) 14 14 = 22 14 = 308 cm2 The area of the given design = 364 + 448 + 308 = 1120 cm2. Practice problems for measurement systems analysis: Practice problem 1: Find the area of the design as in Figure. (Take "22/7) Answer: The area of the given plot = 122 ‘(5)/(7)’ cm2 Practice problem 2: A surveyor has sketched the measurements of a ground as below. Find the area of the ground. Answer: Area of ground = 213m2 Measurement is the process of obtaining the quantity of a magnitude, such as length or mass, relative to a unit of measurement such as a meter or a kilogram. The term measurement can also be used to refer to a specific result obtained from the measurement process. The act of measuring magnitude (or extent or amount) determined by measurement. It answers the general question like "how many?" as in how many miles, or millimeters, or gigahertz. (Source:Wikipedia) Types of measurement learning: Generally there are two types of measurement Scalar Measurement Vector Measurement Scalar Measurement: Scalar Measurement have an magnitude but have no direction. Examples of scalar measurement are Volume, Mass, Speed, Temperature. Vector Measurement: Vector Measurement has both magnitude and direction. Examples of vector measurement are Weight, Force, Acceleration, Velocity. Measurements can be classified as follows according to Stanley Smith Stevens, Nominal Measurement: It explains the counting number of balls in different color. Ordinal Measurement: Here, the measured value has an order such as small, medium, large. Interval Measurement: Learning about the measured values – for example, Celsius temperature. Ratio Measurement: Here, we can divide values and get a meaningful answer – for example length and weight. Further, measurements can also be classified as follows, Metric System: Metric System is a system of learning measurement which is based on the kilogram as a unit of mass, meter as a unit of length, and the liter as a unit of volume. Generally, Scientists use this method. Imperial System: Imperial system is the system of learning an older English unit of measurement. These units were standardized by the Magna Carta of 1215 and were periodically reviewed and updated. Some countries still use this imperial system of measurement. Definition and theories of measurement learning: Information theory Representational theory Classical definition What Is Online Math Problem Solver? By: Aninda – Online math problem solver can be a device or a man. There are a various number of sites that give this application. 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