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Converged communications refers to new modes of communication, integration of computer technology and traditional communication technologies and the integration of computer networks with traditional communication networks in a network platform, telephony, fax, data transmission, audio and video conferencing, call centers, instant messaging many application service. Mobile Internet needs to be integrated financial believe it? Its development? This article from a point of view that the value of the mobile Internet era "converged communications" and the development of space. Explain the distinction of "converged communications" mobile Internet environment, and with the traditional telecommunications in the concept of converged communications at the conceptual level. Combined with the practical application of some of the industry’s case to introduce a level of mobile Internet era of converged communications morphology and fusion. Traditional converged communications Converged communications, computer technology and traditional communication technologies, integrating new communication mode, the integration of computer networks with traditional communication networks in a network platform, telephone, fax, data transmission, audio and video conferencing, call centers, instant messaging, etc. many application service. The traditional concept of converged communications in IP communications, VoIP, video communications, multimedia conferencing, collaborative office, address book and instant messaging as the core business capabilities, wherever access to the network access to unified communications a variety of services. Traditional converged communications has three characteristics: 1) business integration (video, voice and data); 2) in three areas of telecommunications, the Internet, IT interaction; 3) application characteristics significantly. This business network is the cornerstone of the development of the telecom operators network (NGN or IMS) by telecommunications equipment manufacturers to build business platform, telecom operators on its efforts to develop business. Can actually summarize want to see from the point of view of the telecom operators ICT integration, vision is very beautiful. However, weak elements of the Internet, the weak personal business. Although a variety of converged communications solutions are known as the core library of user social relations, is actually due to the excessive focus on communication ability, rather than the end-user direct demand, plus business development on the basis of communication with telecom operators the interests of competition, so the development is not very smooth. 2 mobile Internet era of converged communications. " Mobile Internet needs to be integrated financial believe it? Instant messaging, for example, Internet operators have been highly successful in the field of IP communications, and a variety of free IP multimedia messaging, VoIP, and video communications services has been the development of a huge amount of users. Especially the development of the social network, the IP communications capabilities to the next level. Communication from pure IP information, upgrade to the development and exchange of closer social relations. Pure Internet way of free communication, seems to have solved most of the problems of life, as well as other space it? Perspective on in another space, and that middle ground of the telecommunications and Internet business integration needs are universal and the general public. First of all, the Internet covering more and more people, the age difference is growing. In addition to young people, for various novel modes of communication continue to emerge, may not be able to quickly accept. Secondly, social tool, after all, is not life all, or even the exchange and communication of all. The adults also need to fit in a mobile communication tool in business or acquaintances social occasions. Furthermore, IP communications in the mobile Internet environment, real-time effects stability and traditional telecommunications field communication there is some discrepancy. Finally, the mobile phone as a daily communication tool, has been accepted by all. Close to the original mobile application service form, and more likely to be accepted by the public. Advantage of both telecommunications and Internet converged communications to meet those needs, it is a trend. Based on the above understanding, it is not difficult to see that the converged communications needs of the mobile Internet era has not narrowed, but should be expanded. The different converged communications concept with the traditional field of telecommunications, the more prominent traditional fusion "cloud" end business integration, and more emphasis on enterprise services business focusing on individual applications and the control of the "end" of Internet operators. Can even say that the departure from the Internet service converged communications, personalized service and costs above, inherits the features of Internet service, easier access to the user’s favorite. Below to take a look at the form of converged communications from the Internet point of departure. Into the mobile Internet era, natural all app morphology cut. Fusion of the first to start at the most basic smartphone app, that is, accounting for 70% of mobile phone usage time of the phone, the information, the address book. Fusion will start from several business integration course, this app hosted services is inherent. Business linkage between phone, address book has become a standard practice. Basic IP multimedia messaging, VoIP, video calls, a variety of business services can provide a business account are bound together. Firmly grasp the theme of "core" users of social relations library, phone contacts data based organizations carrying communication services and data. Domestic Tencent QQ contacts, Baidu Baidu contacts, Huawei daily chat as well as a grand your address book, basically the idea of ??integration of this business. Here mentioned the "contacts" in the center position is not just local contacts or local phone cards, but to the cloud contacts cloud business card concept in the evolution and development. Who constitute the communication relations should exist in the "cloud" contacts; should all communication between each other to pass the "cloud" business cards; rather than just at the core of the machine’s address book , to expand and improve. Precise message / call communication relationship that is bound complement each other, communication relations and social relations. Produce communication relations, because in real life, is much larger than a person’s phone local contacts. These local data, just as the "cloud" contacts "private", a type of "trust". There is a practice, the local address book is the "owner trust, these data are used as a" white list "of the natural filtration of the communications business. For example, do SMS filtering or call filtering, "Contacts between communication are blocked by default. There use of Gengjinyiceng, such as Huawei everyday talk, local contact data will be released as the recipient of the "trusted" cloud "business cards, to maximize on the expansion of public social relationships. Also need to mention that the "cloud" contacts in the traditional sense of the typical services: contact data upload or backup, here are just a very low level, and even some "Tim sufficient functionality. From the development trend, the data record will gradually be recorded in the clouds, do not need in particular the so-called backup or synchronization. Three levels of fusion From a vertical perspective, the concept of communication integration, there are three levels of integration. Described by listing some of the features of several converged communications applications. 1) show the aggregation, IP communication business communication and traditional telecom business show, available to users. Such as Tencent QQ contacts at the same time provide a normal call and VTalk, allowing users to choose. Call records together. This way to the the user convenience election then, communications data aggregation show together, the user would not have to feel independent service. 2) business integration, application to the fusion of business to provide users with communication services. Such as Huawei daily chat took to send text messages and send IP multimedia messages on an interface, the user in most cases, do not care or choose to send way. The user "news", the use of such applications send service to meet the basic needs of communication, and experience better, spend an average of less. (3) channel integration, integration of telecommunication and Internet communications platform from the system to provide users with the channel communications business class fusion. The two types of channel fusion, a focus on the different forms of communication channel interoperability. Message service, for example, is the IP information and SMS interworking. Such as GroupMe business scenarios, SMS group chat. But also supports IP messages and SMS notification with SMS interworking, and IP push unreachable. This way not only to make up for the disadvantage of the IP message delivery rate in the network under unstable conditions, but also to ensure that in the case of network flow, communication and the exchange of experience, after all, the integration of the client’s experience than traditional SMS rich multi. But such fusion due to the excessively strong domestic telecom operators, channel resources strictly controlled, good basic applications and services are currently rapid development in foreign countries, the need to wait for the breakthrough. Another type is more concerned with the bearer of the content, such as a mobile application support Super SMS, IP channels and SMS channels combined with a typical complete multimedia business. First through the channel of the IP multimedia attachments uploaded to the server, and then sent via SMS attachment link. Under the premise of saving the user the cost, to ensure the timeliness of the message, and provide richer content selection. (4) fusion future In recent years, the carrier pipeline trend has become increasingly evident. Pipeline technology has not only become an IP channel, and even basic communication services will slowly into the emerging service business carrying pipes. In addition, the mobile Internet, close to the user in the "end" side, but also the advantage of Internet service. Furthermore, from the promotion and development of business, Internet business marketing and marketing of traditional telecommunications business distinct the former marketing effectiveness and user acceptance has already proved its worth in practice. Under the premise, the way of the mobile Internet converged communications "there will be a significant development. Is still confined to the field of personal communications, but this service is gradually stabilizing robust, enter the business field, to the industry or enterprise development is the inevitable trend. Constantly meet real user needs, will have to advance the development of space and power. 相关的主题文章: