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Mobile phone: mobile phone market reporter unannounced visits to steal pick up all the new net recovery regardless of don’t ask, the Beijing morning news reporters make unannounced visits to the Muxiyuan mobile phone market second-hand mobile phone recycling is not standard recently more than the public to reflect, Apple’s mobile phone after losing most of positioning display near Muxiyuan, a few days after the short stay away from Beijing in the field, then no news. Recently, the Beijing morning news reporter visited the survey found that most of Muxiyuan merchants recycling second-hand mobile phone do not ask the source, ask the seller identity information, completely according to the mobile phone can successfully login account for apple, even if sellers do not know the account password, they will also send mobile phone parts according to "remove" acquisition. It is understood that the second-hand mobile phone in the law should belong to the goods comply with the relevant provisions of the acquisition of "management measures" of second-hand goods, mobile phone for the source and destination are required to conduct a detailed registration. The mobile phone is lost before leaving Beijing Muxiyuan days ago, the public Ms. sun near the apple mobile phone stolen at the Wangjing subway station, she immediately locked the back function of mobile phone. A few days later, Ms. Sun received a letter that the "Apple Corp" sent mail, that she immediately lost mobile phone positioning lock, she immediately according to the prompts to fill in the mobile phone ID and password, but mail sent no reply no echo. Ms. Sun told reporters that the second day she saw the location of the phone is still in the vicinity of Muxiyuan, on the third day to show the phone in Shenzhen, after which no trace. Ms. sun suspected that her mobile phone is stolen, the thief mobile phone to get the Muxiyuan fence, "my mobile phone has been locked, they don’t know what is the mobile phone unlocking method, I suspect that email is" fishing ", to steal my information". Reporters found in the survey, a number of people Tucao said, after the phone is lost, the last position can be positioned in Muxiyuan. Mr. Liu’s experience is amazing, he lost his mobile phone in Songjiazhuang subway near, listen to friends talking about "a lot of" black mobile phone "trading in Muxiyuan", where "luck", actually saw his apple mobile phone 5, eventually spending 2000 yuan to pay back. Recovery of mobile phone without invoice registration information recently, the Beijing morning news reporters came to the Muxiyuan bridge in the vicinity of the mobile phone repair a street, there are hundreds of mobile phone shops, engaged in mobile phone repair, second-hand mobile phone trading. In some mobile phone city gate, there are many people do not have a fixed unit, holding a high priced recycling phone brand in the streets to attract business. In a mobile phone repair center, the reporter did not go upstairs was a woman stopped placards, greeting: "mobile phone repair or sell mobile phone? We recover the price ah!" When the reporter took out a iPhone 5S after the woman grabbed the past, sell or repair? I look." Reporter asked, this is my pick up the phone, there is no boot password, do you accept it?" The woman looked at the screen of the mobile phone, said: "of course, yes, are you going to sell? But now 5S can not sell the price, you do not know the password, it is 200 yuan." "Mobile phone does not have receipt or invoice, I also did not take id, you also can collect?" Faced with the reporter questioned, photo相关的主题文章: