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National Day holiday home appliances in Japan is no longer what happened? Author: Helen days just in the end of 2016 eleven, the National Day holiday, many domestic and foreign media have found that although the number of Chinese travel to Japan is increasing, but the Chinese people are no longer like 2015 madness "burst buy appliances, in this short year, what happened? Toilet cover, electric cooker has cooled, cosmeceuticals and commodities continued to burst bought last year "eleven" Chinese people buy explosion last year Japan National Day golden week, no doubt is the most popular in Japan, according to rough statistics, within a week, about 400 thousand China mainland tourists travel to Japan, reached 100 billion the yen in Japan since the beginning of the Chinese consumer, known as "mobile wallet", but also allow Japan to become the first mainland tourists overseas tourism golden week the most number of countries. Japanese rice cooker on the store with the previous year, during the National Day this year Japan’s major shopping malls especially appliance stores also done well prepared, electric cooker, toilet cover still prepared the spot for tourists to buy. In order to make China tourists shopping more convenient, part of the mall even for China tourists set shopping counters; moreover, the payment method, is playing the "support UnionPay payment" or "WeChat" payment by Chinese logo, as well as some duty-free or preferential discount Chinese slogans, even equipped with specialized knowledge of Chinese shopping guide. But with the last burst buy electric cooker and lid compared though there will be people to come to the store to buy household appliances, but its popular level still can obviously feel decline. Although the Japanese stores sales performance products and luxury goods has been down so many Japanese businessmen has discouraged, but the drug store sales of medicines and daily necessities are still strong sales performance, compared with last year, the popular level still did not weaken. Summary: compared to last year’s National Day holiday this year, "eleven" Japanese stores electric cooker, toilet cover and other appliances burst buy degree of decline, but only let the Japanese businessmen feel gratified is, drugstore sales of medicines and daily necessities are still a strong performance. Japan "buy" cool, why not? Japanese home appliance sequela: according to some in The climate does not suit one. last year to buy Japanese friends home appliance explosion reaction, these Japanese home appliance home began to appear after a variety of the most common problems The climate does not suit one., maintenance difficulties and voltage problem. Imports of household appliances maintenance difficulties take example for the electric cooker, repair shop said, the repair of the electric cooker imported from Japan, difficult is not technology, but the lack of spare parts. Imported appliances mainly in overseas production, compressor, control chip, and even a small parts of the panels should be in overseas purchasing, once the product has quality problems, maintenance process will be greatly elongated, or even can not repair the risk. Misplug domestic voltage lead to burnout as everyone knows, Japan with China’s electric voltage voltage is different (China’s voltage is 220V, voltage is 110V, Japan) therefore, some bought from Japanese electronics often need to be used normally in domestic transformer collocation,.相关的主题文章: