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Criticality Of Ngo Role In India By: Akshaya Patra | Sep 14th 2015 – The criticality of NGO role in India is felt when the figures of poverty, hunger, malnutrition and illiteracy glare at our face. The Akshaya Patra in Bangalore is one among the many NGOs playing a pivotal role. Tags: Food For Hungry Children Across India By Akshaya Patra By: Akshaya Patra | Jul 27th 2015 – Akshaya Patra provides food for hungry children through its nutritious mid-day meal programme reaching out to over 1.4 million children across India every day. Tags: Ngo In Rourkela Serving Mid-day Meal To More Than 40,000 Children By: Akshaya Patra | Mar 19th 2015 – Though a recent start Akshaya Patra, the NGO in Rourkela serves more than 40,000 children with freshly cooked mid-day meal. It caters to 433 schools of the area. Tags: Role Of An Ngo In India By: Akshaya Patra | Jul 17th 2014 – The role of an NGO is vital in the progress of a socio-economic environment like India. Support Akshaya Patra and secure the future of Indian children Tags: Ngo Role In India By: Akshaya Patra | Jun 26th 2014 – Akshaya Patra, Karnataka NGO, plays a major role in implementation of mid-day meals program. It strives to scale up to eliminate classroom hunger in India Tags: Donate Online To Charity By: Akshaya Patra | Jun 16th 2014 – The role of NGOs is very vital in spreading awareness about various causes. NGOs have a global presence and all NGOs including Indian NGOs require the support from Government and the society to actually bring about a sustainable change. Present day usage of Inter. has enabled NGOs to receive charity through the medium of … Tags: Role Of Akshaya Patra As A Ngo In India By: Akshaya Patra | Feb 17th 2013 – The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a NGO in Bangalore implementing mid-day meal in Government schools and Government-aided schools. Akshaya Patra as a NGO is working towards a society that will be educated and free of hunger. Many instances have shown that providing free food can be a very effective measure in increasing schoo … Tags: 相关的主题文章: