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Nigeria president of the economic downturn to sell special planes to cut government spending – Sohu financial information figure: March 30th, the Nigeria presidential plane arrived at the airport in Maryland, Andrews, President Buhari took off the plane.   in Nigeria in 20 years of recession, the president decided to sell some Muhanmadu? Bohari presidential plane, as one of the cuts in government spending initiatives. Nigeria newspaper this week, the sale of the presidential plane ad. President Garba, 4, confirmed the authenticity of the ad, said: "the newspaper sold two presidential plane ad…… Received the presidential authorization, which is consistent with the Muhanmadu? The president asked the president to cut the number of Bukhari orders to reduce waste." Nigeria media reported earlier, 10 aircraft president fleet includes 1 Boeing 737 aircraft, 5 aircraft and 4 helicopters. The report quoted sources as saying that as many as 9 aircraft may be sold. Advertisement sale is a "falcon 7X" and a "hawker 4000 business jet aircraft cabin, with photos. Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer, crude oil exports are the backbone of the national economy, accounting for about 7 of government revenue. Buhari took office in May last year, international oil prices have fallen sharply, a serious blow to the economy of Nigeria. In the second quarter of this year, Africa’s first populous country fell into recession for the first time in more than 20 years. Reuters reported that in June Nigeria currency naira delinked from the dollar, has fallen by 1/3, and on the black market devaluation is more serious, and the dollar fell to a record low; the August inflation rate reached 17.6%, the highest in 11 years. After Buhari’s ruling to crack down on corruption, austerity, initiated the change from the start of my campaign. In February, Nigeria’s Ministry of Finance said that the survey found that more than 20 thousand government "shadow employees" to eat empty rates, they have been removed from the payroll, thus saving tens of millions of dollars in government spending per month. Buhari submitted to Parliament in 2017 4 government budget draft framework, put forward a record about 6 trillion and 800 billion naira ($22 billion 600 million) spending plan to stimulate the economy, mainly for infrastructure, create jobs, to achieve sustainable economic development.相关的主题文章: