Ningbo Bank net profit of 4 billion 139 million yuan in the first half increased by $16.53% punyu

Bank of Ningbo in the first half net profit of 4 billion 139 million yuan, an increase of August 28th in the evening of, the Bank of Ningbo officially disclosed in the semi annual report in 2016, the company achieved net profit of $4 billion 139 million in the first half, an increase of 16.53%. The growth in bank profitability is weak, continued exposure to bad loans, the interest rate market reform deepening, the banking industry to accelerate the differentiation process in the background, the Bank of Ningbo still maintained a good profit growth and good asset quality. The report shows the scale of sustained growth, the first half of the year, the company actively adapt to the changing market environment, strengthen the foundation of business and customer base, continue to upgrade the marketing mode, actively marketing high-quality customers and high-quality projects, to achieve steady growth in the size of the balance sheet. As of the end of 6, the company’s total assets of 833 billion 693 million yuan, an increase of more than the beginning of the year, the deposit of $482 billion 474 million, an increase of 35.65% over the beginning of the loan of $282 billion 484 million, an increase of 10.48% over the beginning. Continued growth in size at the same time, the company’s profitability also continued to improve, in addition to the company’s Bank, retail companies, personal banking, credit cards, financial markets, asset management, investment banking, custody and other multiple profit centers are in full bloom, and constantly improve the profitability of diversified. In the first half, the company achieved operating income of 12 billion 46 million yuan, an increase of 33.73%, attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit of $4 billion 139 million, an increase of 16.53%. Financial markets and asset management business, the first half of the company to improve the bond market making ranked the top 20, an increase of 36, improve the overall ranking of foreign exchange market maker to sixth, an increase of 5, market influence is increased; at the same time, the company developed the first interest rate swap business, become the first to carry out interbank interest rate swap business the bank, which lay a solid foundation for further strengthening the market risk management and hedging. Investment banking and trust business, as of the end of 6, total issuance of non-financial corporate debt financing instruments 30 pen, the amount of 11 billion 200 million yuan in all class B main bearing in the bank, the underwriting number ranked first; hosting business amounted to 23966 yuan, compared with the beginning of the new 764 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 47%, the number of passengers managed up to 396, the core of customer trust balance of more than 2 billion yuan to reach 179. The first half of the year, the company has become the industry’s first outsourcing service to do research report provided by the agency, obtained ISAE3402 attestation report Ernst young TypeII, became the only one received such report of city commercial banks. Intermediate business income increased several noteworthy data, the first half of the year, the company achieved net fee and commission income of 3 billion 128 million yuan, an increase of 79.47%, accounting for 25.97% in revenue, an increase of 5.53 percentage points; at the same time, continuing to enhance the profitability of the regional branch, earnings exceeded 60%; in addition, the first half of the year the company, the savings deposits amounted to 100 billion 800 million yuan, the first stop on the billion, compared with the beginning of the new 19 billion 900 million yuan. The company has become a new business wealth. The scale of open finance continues to improve, the total sales of insurance business 840 million.相关的主题文章: