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North horse godsend runner set 10 years best photo – Sohu news players before departure. JINGWAH Times reporter Tao Ran photo at 7:30 yesterday, North maming start gun. JINGWAH Times reporter Pan Zhiwang audience and cartoon image of Xiongben?. JINGWAH Times reporter Pan Zhiwang Photo Gallery entries cited concern. JINGWAH Times reporter Pan Zhiwang photo parents run small and medium-sized friends struggling". JINGWAH reporter Zhou Min photo before departure, contestants lined up in the bathroom. JINGWAH Times reporter Tao Ran photo yesterday, the last day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the 2016 Beijing marathon in Tiananmen square to start running shots, more than 30 thousand runners participated in the run altar feast. Finally, the Ethiopia players swept the championship men before three and women, especially the women’s champion Perugia 2 hours 25 minutes 55 seconds and 2 runner up Torah hours 26 minutes 10 seconds, have created 10 years women’s best results. On performance improvement of 3.5 to 4 hours to finish the race increased yesterday there were from 33 countries and regions of the 30 thousand athletes to participate in the competition. The starting point of the game is located in Tiananmen square, the end of the Olympic Center in the celebration square. Yesterday, when the body temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius, humidity of 89%, the weather conditions are very comfortable, which also allows players to participate in a significant increase in the results, the number of hours to 4 hours after the end of the race significantly increased over last year. The women’s championship has created 10 years of women’s best results. It is worth mentioning that the part-time master, 26 year old Li Shaozhuang started heel in the first group, and led the 5 kilometers short. This scene reminds you of last year’s World Championships in Beijing track and field 10 km when the crowd ran. At that time, China’s Li Wei was leading in the first group, which makes the Chinese audience quite excited. This year, North horse route in the second half of fine-tuning, to avoid the high-speed Beijing Tibet auxiliary road, New Garden Road, Zhixin road and other roads, reduce the track return point. It is reported that the adjustment of the route is from medical care, sports protection, urban transportation, television and other factors to consider. Medical aid every one hundred meters there is a medical volunteers in the organizing committee set up along the hundreds of healthcare workers and more than 3000 volunteers, for the contestants to escort. Along the way in addition to ambulances to follow, the track can also see the number of medical runners, and to the second half, medical volunteers set increased, this is the biggest security psychology of runners. Into the game late, most runners speed slow down, then your knees and ankles have suffered different degrees of reaction. It is taking into account this situation, the organizing committee to increase medical volunteer services. About every one hundred meters there is a medical volunteer, they are holding a spray, can be said to meet the needs of each runner. In addition, this year also set up mobile toilets more uncivilized phenomenon in almost no toilet. Supply adequate drinking water supply set late this year in addition to the track fine-tuning North horse to help runners run comfortably, in set up along the supply station than Xin相关的主题文章: