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Over the birth date has not yet been born, the mother must be self birth law – Sohu mother and baby in October: the world’s longest pregnancy who? Mom: Na Zha, he’s been pregnant for more than three years! October bacteria: myth, after all, is a myth, we say a bit realistic. Pregnant mom: that’s OK, pregnancy in October, people around the world are the same ah ~ October were: Century America, have a baby for 375 days in the mother’s belly was born but recently, this record was broken in Loudi town in Xinhua County, there is a pregnant mother 17 months had no movement. Normal people to 38 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta is basically level III, that is, mature state, which means that the normal delivery. If over time without the delivery, the placenta will appear different degrees of aging, can provide fetal nutrient and oxygen will become less even enough, it may cause fetal hypoxia, serious will also cause fetal death in utero or after the birth of the occurrence of cerebral lesions. If the placenta is not mature, the baby must be placed in the incubator after birth. The expectant mother of Hunan, the placenta has been only 14 months when it is only level II, is not yet mature, so doctors do not recommend that she chose cesarean section. And the expectant mother has always insisted on doing the production inspection, is to determine the safety of the baby in the case, only to wait for the arrival of the baby. She also said: if the placenta is mature, the baby has not yet moved, it can only cesarean section. General 37 – 42 weeks between the birth of the baby, in time are normal. By the 37 week, the mother must be on time and check the number of fetal movement. General 39 weeks after a week to produce a seizure, the doctor will be based on the situation of expectant mothers. If the mother feel fetal movement and usually is not the same, or frequent contractions and other uncomfortable, we should go to the hospital check at any time. If after a period of several days, but not how to do? Don’t worry, the bacteria will help you! The first one: the birth of law have a walk is the most appropriate way of pregnancy, not only can help your baby into the pot, the mother exercise the muscles of the pelvic floor can breathe fresh air, to maintain a pleasant mood. You can walk two times a day sooner or later, every 30 minutes or so, but to the health of mothers, feel tired to rest in a timely manner Oh ~ spawned second strokes: Dafa climb the stairs to climb the stairs can exercise the mother’s thigh and hip muscle, help your baby as soon as possible into the basin. You can plot the stairs, but the stairs must hold the handrail, pay attention to the foot, you feel tired to immediately stop the birth of law Oh ~ third measure: drug doctors through the inspection and testing, found the mother’s physical condition is suitable for the production, on consent after birth will decide drug. If the cervical maturity is good, the placenta function is good, amniotic fluid volume is normal, then generally will not give birth to drugs. Every mother is the production of the time is not fixed, but no matter what time, are the most suitable for their own time, a few days earlier or a few days later do not worry too much, as long as the treasure!相关的主题文章: